Thursday, November 29, 2012

If Only I'd Have Known What I Was Losing...

...I still would not have voted for Willard!

Damn, I didn't know how good I had it, minorities lining up to kiss my boots, hot and cold running sex, neighborhood scamps named Lumpy, Scooter, Beaver, and Vagina, rolling barrel hoops down the street and putting upwards of 37 corsages on their dates before the cotillion. Having a sarsaparilla at the soda jerk. I. Am. A. White. Guy.


From Cesca.

From Smoking Hot Politics.

From Jezebel.

My privilege is being taken away! Now I'll never have that second car elevator, all thanks to the horrible subhumans who voted for the Kenyislamunosocialascist Anti-Christ. Woe is democracy - we is ruined!

Holy shit! I voted for the Kenyis...rist! Stuff! The brain, it is washed! Woe is me! Why would I do such foolishyness?

Oh, yeah, that's right. I'm not a pig. Try not to be, anyhow, my issues (I make no particular secret of them) dealing with people, especially those I do not know, do not approach any form of wishing someone else ill, or seeing success as a zero sum game. I have to do a little tangent onto economic theory, as I understand it, to make some of my points.*

"If the blahs get health care doctors will kill my grandmother!" Shut up. If everyone gets health care, everyone will be healthy, and the market, (remember the market? Pubs worship it as a little understood idol, believing that if they clap hard enough, and rub its genita forehead, yeah, forehead, long enough, that they will be rewarded, with shoeshine boys and hot and cold running blowjobs and sons named Beaver and third car elevators), with more demand for doctors and healthcare workers, will create a need for healthcare, thus causing more people to go into healthcare, and if we can keep the hands of greedballs and insurance companies out of healthcare, the healthcare workers will be paid a decent wage and then will, in turn, as they demand the necessities of life, buy houses and sofas and carrots and pet ocelots, and turtles all the way down. All this rambling nonsense is sort of an analogy of Keynesian economics, in popular parlance, demand-side. It's worked for quite some time...

Until the unholy marriage of greed and economic urban legend in the 80's called trickle-down. From the wackadoopedia:

The economist John Kenneth Galbraith noted that "trickle-down economics" had been tried before in the United States in the 1890s under the name "horse and sparrow theory." He wrote, "Mr.David Stockman has said that supply-side economics was merely a cover for the trickle-down approach to economic policy—what an older and less elegant generation called the horse-and-sparrow theory: 'If you feed the horse enough oats, some will pass through to the road for the sparrows.'
I love this statement. I want to cuddle with this statement in a movie theatre watching 50 Shades Of Grey, teh Unrated Version. Anyone who genuinely believes in trickle-down economics as either a workable or moral theory needs to go back to elementary school. 

The statement 'a rising tide lifts all boats' is correct, but in the demand sense.

This rubbish in our rear-view, I'll proceed. 

Messrs. O'Reilly, Cohen, Stevens, and Koko the sadfaced coke clown mourn the loss of "traditional America", but it ain't'nt the America that springs into the minds of their octogenarian, gold-bugging audiences, who hear 'traditional America' and set their blinders to "1950". Which not only did not exist in the way their old Viewfinder slides tell them, but by any measure would have had them hollering Communism until their tea-bag adorned tri-corner hats immolated from the rage-fires burning in their brains. 

The fifties in terms of racial relations, relations between the sexes, oh, yeah, the ever famous 'our daughter is visiting her aunt in Cleveland for about 9 months', general health, no so good-n-plenty. Some of the positive things from the '50s; with the MUCH higher marginal tax rates, we were able to invest in ourselves, the GI Bill, the Interstate system, an explosion of new schools. Many folks were able to go from high school to a job where they could support a family. Given the negatives of the '50s, even then, not enough people could share in the American Dream. But holy dammit, today, so few can, and even then a great deal of luck is required, and even then I guarantee you they are falling behind, while the Mormon Marauder will retreat, beaten, to his 17 houses, four car elevators, Stepford wife, and an unassuming resumption of his career as a vulture. Without a savage reconfiguration of marginal tax rates, impossible with the Talibangelist Koch-suckers holding the House of Representatives hostage, we could not replicate the '50 economies today. The last good economic era, the 90's, was built on smoke, mirrors, and debt - nothing long-term can happen until we put ourselves back to work making things, not paper instruments but widgets and anvils. (And I LOVE the Big Dog, he was great, and too much fun, but his economic expansion was fake and could not last once President Drooly Footiepajamas and his keeper blundered into the White House.)

No, the America these jackals wish for is both more recent and random. It is not an era, it is any philosophy allowing them to be bullies. From the fifties, they require the worship and deference of women and minorities. From 1980-1992 and 2000-2008, the legal financial rapaciousness popularized by Milken, Abramoff, Reed, Chuckie and Davy Koch, (the not good Grover) Norquist (Master of teh Neckbeard Extraordinaire) (seriously, have your read where recently he said we should keep the President on an Amazing Racist Dogwhistle? Read linkster, then repeat after me: Fuck him with the horse he rode in on.) Anything up to 2009, when the occupant of the White House wasn't, you know, as urban. Any time they have sent kids who ain't theirs to blow up brown people who they've never met, just like Jesus. These bullies miss being given societal approval for torturing the fat kid, the smart kid, the kid with glasses or an instrument. Miss throwing rocks at the house of the 'retired' gentlemen living together 'to save expense' because they are weird. Miss driving through the poor section of town alternately shouting n!99@r and asking where they can buy pot. Miss the simple joys of date rape of the school 'slut' who can report it all she wants but no one will care, she's a woman, so she is evil and conniving and stupid and a slut or a liar or both. Miss having woman-free boardrooms where they can talk about the size of their secretaries' jugs.

These people are sick. Sick and pathetic. These people are two things, sick and pathetic, and bloodthirsty. These people are THREE things, sick, pathetic, bloodthirsty, and ITS ALWAYS PROJECTION. I'll start over.

When are these dumb bastards gonna go away? Not now, not soon enough. But eventually. How do I know? A Kenyislamunosocialascist Anti-Christ was re-elected by a healthy margin, both popularly and electorally. Change is coming, so painfully slowly, so frustratingly gradual, but change IS coming. I did vote for President Barack Obama, and regardless of my criticisms of him, me being an enormous commie and all, I was proud to, and am happy he's in the People's House.

Although I gotta say, if he'd shut it about a 'Grand Bargain' I'd feel much better.

*Disclaimer, I am not an economist, but I have had coursework, an ability to read, and have working eyeballs and a high skill roll (17 - W00t!!) for logic.

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