Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cheetoh Hitler Abandons Wife And Some Spawn

Couple of stories I must address, because although I am a somewhat vicious polemicist, I kinda value accuracy and fairness. Linking on a phone is difficult, but you've seen the stories about Hairpiece McSyphilis not knowing that he had to staff the White House, and that Methylsulfate was staying in New York with the youngest orange child?
Goddammit, don't make me approach defending this bewigged asshole AT ALL, but I have to say a couple things... Don't worry, there is an attack at the end, 'cuz me.
Teh Orange STD, for worse (and, unfortunately for us, better - he got elected sort of), refused to hire any of the sorts of professional political people who know about things like staffing the White House. President Obama probably did not know that either, but he had actual knowledgeable people around him who did, ie. not anyone named Omarosa.
Malaria demonstrated that she is well out of her depth - even Laura Bush, a largely apolitical woman (no, not entirely, I know), was a much more effective campaign representative for Pres. DryDrunk McOedipalComplex than Melanoma was for her husband. She, deservedly so, got blasted repeatedly. Maybe she has just recognized her limitations. Maybe she just wants to hide. Not really an option for FLOTUS, but perhaps. I don't have a great deal of sympathy, but teh human brain etc. etc.
BUT: huge anger about the child staying in NYC. Most pols put their kids in Sidwells because it is already set up and equipped for a presidential level security detail, and it is a normal situation for all the kids there. Now, we, the taxpayers, have to lash out that fantastic amount of money to do it for some private school in NYC, disrupting the hell out of everything and everybody, for a likely 5 mo. period? Fuck that.