Monday, October 28, 2013

I've Never Seen This - Freakin' Cool

Went with the Brother-In-Law to the Minnesota-Nebraska game (he's a Husker), I didn't have a dog in the race but I figgered I best accompany him lest he gets in a fight with, ummm, Minnesota.

You may have seen the report on ESPN. It was a curbstomping...for Nebraska. #24 BCS Nebraska. Never in  the game, really, teh Gophers man-handled 'em, 34-23 and it was not that close. So congratulations Minnesota!

But for my part, for this post, I have never seen this live - the students charging the field:

It really was that damn cool. I'm no longer ahemcoughsnerkcollegeage, but the parties that night had to be something! Sigh...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

In Other Shocking Football News,

As do the Lions and the Washington Racistnames.

The Vikings are starting their third quarterback in a month. And their savior this week is Josh Freeman, who got hisself run out of Tampa. Doesn't matter if you agree with whatever he was complaining about there, pro football coaches are second only to college football coaches and Jozef Stalin in dictatorial powers, so I 'spect he ain't their answer.

To which I say

Meanwhile, we play Cleveland, who, while much improved, are a project team. And we need some damn healing. Here's hoping!

Competition For Peckerhead Of The Year Is Over

I don't remember my earlier nominees for this year and won't be arsed to look them up...

Because we have an all time winner! (via RWW)

In an already psychotic interview with lil' Ricky Scarborough, Little Peter LaBarbera, wherein in it was discussed, hoo boy, that it would be a fine tactic to file a lawsuit against Gay, Petey said this:

LaBarbera: Yeah I think that’s great. I would love to see it. We always wanted to see one of the kid in high school who was counseled by the official school counselor to just be gay, then he comes down with HIV. But we never really got the client for that. 
Emphases mine. Stupidity his.

Jumpin Jack Christ, you fucking sickball! "It would be so helpful if someone would die and we could use them! W00T!!!1!"

I always wanted to see the Values Voter Summit and the next Teabagger gather of any size finding themselves at the heart of a rather surprised spontaneous black hole. But I never really got the entertainment from that.

(Updated per suggestion, and all enormous credit (and apologies for theftery) to Mr. McGravitas)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Open Letter To AM 950, MN's Progressive Radio

I listened to my usual radio show this morning on the way to work, The Morning Grind with Matt McNeil.

He entertained a caller named Alex, who claimed to be a true independent. Among the viewpoint espoused by our one true independent was that (para) "I blame the republicans, but Obama lost me when he would not come to the table when the republicans proposed to fund a few things. That's like, if you are trying to free hostages and the hostage takers are willing to release a few, and you demand they keep all of them or release all of them, and Obama is being a real bad person by not releasing those few hostages."

Matt McNeil then pointed out, correctly, that the republicans, if allowed to fund the few things they like, would then allow the rest of government to die, and fuck anyone who gets hurt, they got theirs, or at least the blahs won't get anything, or something. Benghazi.

Matt then had a caller named Jeff, who, after implying that Alex was as dumb as a truckload of dead rats in a tampon factory*, objected to the analogy of 'hostages', with which Matt agreed, stating that it was in poor taste and minimized true hostage situation. I took pen to computer screen and wrote and yelled my objections to the comment line. Sweetie then informed me that I was an idiot and demonstrated a thing called typing. Please to contemplate:
Mr. McNeil, Mr. Wonderful,

In reference to caller Alex (and I would doubt he is a true independent, sounded like a libertarian, a conservative republican that likes marijuana and consequence-free-for-the-man sex), Matt and Jeff said that the "hostage" was a poor analogy, and not appropriately respectful to true hostage situations, "which are truly ugly" (para).

I, instead, believe the hostage analogy is truly apt, and this is ugly. Lives are at risk.
  • Women and children needing the pittance the govt allows them in food aid to make it through the day
  • The FDA - anyone eating chicken in California today?
  • All sorts of health research
  • OSHA and workplace safety
A better hostage analogy would be:

The republicans have taken the hostages (government services rated non-essential). The republicans offer to let a handful of hostages, that they either like or find politically useful (WW2memorialgate-wtf-omg, fund the full Defense budget, VA Benefits) go, in exchange for another hostage (the ACA), and then machine gun the rest of the hostages (the aforemention WIC, FDA, OSHA, CDC, ACA, Justice Dept., Commerce Dept., Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security), causing untold suffering for a helluva lot of people, except for, and I was shocked to reach this conclusion, rich white guys.

The Teahadis are that bad.

Love, paleotectonics

Is that fair? Am I making a reasonable argument?

*Watch now plz.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Long Weekend Wrap-up

Dum-de-dum-boing-boing, successful preventive maintenance, Packers won decisively if not prettily, oh, and this...

Camping at Split Rock, North Shore, MN. The lil' erection nubbins on the left is Split Rock Lighthouse. Perfect weather (while we were there, the in-laws caught 47 different degrees of hell the nights before we got there), we brought enough food and gear to invade Canada (or any other country with a reasonably sane government), needed it, but needed it a lot longer.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Quotes Of The Day

From Business Insider.

Hey, don't mock it, the editor got kicked out of Wall Street by the SEC - clearly an expert on the markets.
The WSJ summarizes the situation best:
"I haven't seen morale this bad since the Titanic," said Richard Stein, a senior recruiter at Caldwell Partners CWL.T -3.41% who specializes in financial services.
First off, the fella is remarkably well preserved, 1912, 2013, has vivid memory of the Titanic, I'd say at least, 113 years old. He could be talking about the film, I guess (no spoilers - I haven't seen it. Oh, wait, not gonna.)
And if bankers are not happy, nobody else will be (here's looking at you dear perpetual banker bailout ATM known as US taxpayers).
Analysts are scrambling to ratchet down earnings estimates ahead of the reports. J.P.Morgan and Wells Fargo are slated to post results on Oct. 11, with Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corp., Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. due to weigh in the following week.
Poor results could prompt additional job cuts and worsen the already downcast mood on Wall Street, bankers and recruiters said. ... Mr. Stein, the recruiter, said he received 100% more calls in August and September than in the same months in 2012 from disgruntled traders in fixed income, currencies and commodities at big banks looking to switch firms. "There's no opportunity to make any money right now," he said. "Nothing is happening." ...
(Following quote, emphasis by paleo.) 
Finally, since a dropping bonus check tide will reduce all compensation packages across all levels, it means more disgruntled bankers, less discretionary income for the wealthiest, even less taxes paid into city, state and Federal coffers, less consumption and more saving, and an end to America's deficit-cutting miracle and certainly and (sic) end to the days of barely even stall speed GDP.
Boy oh boy can I fix. 

I'd say the subhuman scumbags deserve everything they get, tried, jailed, executed, dug up and executed again. Then kicked. Frequently. By every person they every screwed.


Morning Vandalism (And Response To OBS)

"The Teabaggers are revolting!"
"Yeah, they stink on ice!"

PShoop credit to Mr. OBS.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another Good Guy With A Gun Went Past The Expiration Date

Yes, I know it was a woman (with a child in the car? Jesus Christ!!?!), I just have a need to remind people that Wayne LaPierre was a waste of sperm. FALSE FLAG BENGHAZI ROSWELL!!!

That's not what I was really going after, though. It has been a horrendous few days politically. The 27% mouth-breathers have Killed Government In The Auditorium With A Bag Of Dumb, and I fully expect them to go after the credit rating as well, because if you are gonna suck a cock you may as well go for the balls.

I'm aware my language has gotten infinitely coarser of late, at least when talking politics. Don't worry too much, as a nation we are terminally fucked and my little notepad doesn't stand much chance against a collection of people who need directional signals on their Hoverrounds because the teabags covering their eyes prevent them from being human. Here's hoping for a hard flu season. Anyhow.

I try to avoid talking politics with most people, mostly because I am incapable of respecting or responding politely to republicans, and there are too many of them, ooooh, sorry, got that wrong, since 2001 as of 2009 they've mostly been Independents or Libertarians, shut up, twats, in Minnesota, but sometimes I overhear. Today's right wing memes:

The SUV driver chased down by motorcycles and beat up. Wow. Yeah, the cyclists were being shitheads. Doesn't mean you get to kill them. Oh, and "If I were that driver, I'd have had my gun and they'd have really gotten what for. And notice how the news media isn't reporting on this because they're black?" Well, you found out, brighteyes. Oh, and for the record, if the cyclists had been white and the SUV driver black, the SUV driver would have been dead as soon as a cop cleared his car door, followed by "I thought he was stealing it. And he had a gun, he must have tossed it."

The veterans at the World War II memorial, and the National Parks. This one worries me, this is gaining traction, oh-oh-oh the scary BLACK IMPOSTER found out the WWII vets were coming and closed the memorial to show them who is the head Kenyan Pimp! Fuck off, klanboy. What worries me about this meme is that if the 27% mouthbreathers can restore, piecemeal, the bits of the budget they like, and they is sho' nuff trying, screw the rest of the budget and Women, Infants, and Children can die horribly, they'll bring the Moet & Chandon.

Helluva lot of these goddamn worthless teabaggers and their goddamn worthless representatives are children of the World War II vets generation. Wonder if those guys, quietly serving, coming home and building a middle class, in a large part through government money, realized their children would be rabid braindead fucks?