Thursday, May 11, 2017

I Don't Feel As If I've Been Fully Understood

So, much like every SuperBatSpiderman movie, it's time to try a reboot. Let's hope we get paleoRaimi, as opposed to "I Kill What I Touch" Snyder.

There will be a few changes in layout, linkage, and such, but content should only change insofar as there will be more of it, in shorter chunks. Make excuse navelgaze shout subtle plea for ego-massage manly tears.

Ok, so.

JScar, the Morning Joke, betrothen to his next victim bride, a man who can be found by following the trail of the dead, is artfully walking a slackline of support/excoriation of an oddly-hued bugfucker named Donald. 'Oh, please, Mr. Asslips, do a better, subtler job of screwing people! Oh please, Randroid church humpers, gag Mr. Asslips so that you may resume subtly screwing people!" he exclaims on a daily basis.
“The president of the United States just admitted, on national television, that he called the director of the FBI to get an update on the status of a possible criminal investigation against him,” Scarborough said.
I skrev:
Dear Intern Killer, 
First, congratulations on your engagement. Do you have the funeral planned yet? 
Second, I read this statement out loud to Siri, that sexxxy minx. She said,"No, the Intern Killer still owns him. He shares a huge amount of blame for the end of normal. Tell him congratulations on his engagement. Does he have the funeral planned yet?" 
Hold the toaster over your head as you get into the bathtub, and please be careful, if you slip you may throw the toaster clear of the water. 
Love, paleo
I wonder if honesty should be the best policy, instead of courtesy...