Saturday, April 4, 2015

One Thing We Must Address In Regards To Teh Police Run Amok

Some have observed that the cops in the US have lost their collective shit over the last several...

...presidential administrations.

Far from promoting law and order, many cops have become the shock troops for the multinationals, for the american filth, the rich.

There's a touch of reform that must take place. Start with firing, then jailing, 95% of them and starting over, with appropriate training, and unions beholden to the actual needs of the actual cops, not a union leadership beholden only to their own political ambitions and positions and the rich cocks their lips are grafted to.

All of this is by way of introducing one truly vital reform.

There is a thought, that has become all too common in public discourse, that is so, so annoyingly wrong, has bothered me for quite some time, and must be fixed first. I was reminded of it today in this AD post about some San Francisco cops walking the unemployment line. The money shot?:

Furminger himself also texted a civilian his own address with the title: “White power family.”

Cops have long taken to referring to non-cops as 'civilians', to separate themselves, puff 'em up a little. The usage has become common.

Fuck that noise.

Cops are civil authorities. Part of civil society. They do not enforce, interpret, deal with in any way, 'martial' (military) law. When martial law is declared, it is enforced by military personnel, and civil niceties, like trials and rights, kinda fall by the wayside. Kinda the opposite of how cops are supposed to be. When cops forget that they are not part of civil society, or claim to be outside civil society, it makes it so much easier for them (and for too many cops this was already too goddamn easy) to become the terrorists of Ferguson, of New York City, of Albuquerque, of Maricopa County.

The police must be educated as to who they are, and who they serve. They are civilians, they serve civil law in the general society. If this is not step one, I say then, not expecting disagreement, that it is well within the top two.



  1. It would help if we took all the paramilitary gear away from them.

  2. At least the South Carolina cop who shot the guy in the back is being charged with murder. Thanks to a phone video that baldly refuted the initial "official" story....

  3. While they're at it, how about testing them for 'roids and other drugs on a regular basis?