Saturday, January 11, 2014

Could This Be It For The New Jersey Gnawer?

First of all, we'll see what Christie is made of, how good a politician he is. The standard has got to be the Big Dog, Bill Clinton, who weathered a semen stained dress and an impeachment and came out be-loved. Or even Dick Cheney, (somewhere in hell, Stalin is saying "Jesus Christ, I can't match that!"), who co-opted the presidential run and administration of an idiot and became, for maybe 5 years, the most powerful man in the world. This while the Secret Service scoured the globe for only the purest unicorn-riding virgin, that Dickey could have a heart powerful enough to not be destroyed by the bile in his veins.

Christie's POTUS run has taken a hard setback for a general election, but he has impressed and made some points with Republican primary voters, who love nothing better than other people's suffering.

This post is not about the Big Chicken, however.

Bridget Anne Kelly, welcome to the big time! You ain't'nt ready yet.

There is a reason you were only deputy chief of staff, ma'am. 3 syllabubs. Pa-per-trail.

In most American state and federal administrations, the chief of staff is the power behind the throne. The COS decides who gets to see the Executive, what information goes to the Executive, tells the Executive when he can boink his wife, all while staying under the radar. Dick Cheney was an outlier, the VP, not the COS, but still basically served that purpose for President Bunnypajamas. Chiefs of staff do not leave paper trails. Cheney didn't even leave a paper trail in the toilet. Something like Bridgeghazigate, a good COS has found someone way down the line to fall on a sword, presumably for some sweet, sweet wingnut welfare, so this nonsense cannot get within the same zip code as the Executive, or the COS.

I don't feel sorry for you, Bridget.

I am a partisan, I enjoy seeing republican filth get busted. Bridgegateghazi was pathetic as far as retribution goes (you killed an old woman, you ass! Get out your checkbook and your children's college funds!), full of Sopranos cosplay.

I don't feel sorry for you because you are clearly playing way out of your league, and may be the dumbest person in New Jersey. Even Snooki doesn't leave a paper trail. (I think. I, and close to everyone else in America, know who she is, but I haven't seen the show, and am not really inclined thusly.)

I don't feel sorry for you because you'll be working for Fox next week, for 5 times the salary of a DCOS. Fuck.

Going fishing.


  1. La Snooki may not leave a paper trail because she may not be literate. [Rimshot!]

  2. Kathy Nikolaus, who famously fucked up TWO Scott walker elections through MASSIVE incompetence and willful barely concealed fraud, still has her job.

  3. There is a reason you were only deputy chief of staff, ma'am. 3 syllabubs. Pa-per-trail.

    I thought it was because she was a gurl, and the fratholes don't dig that.