Thursday, February 19, 2015

Music To Drink Whiskey By (Slapping Your Wife On The Ass Optional But Recommended)

I am certain that everyone who reads my crap, who's musically plugged-in, especially one particular undead bastard, has heard of these cats.

I hadn't until yesterday. I am old. Please shoot me now.

I want to think, as a local example, Rockford Mules, or, historically/nationally, Rossington-Collins. Anyhow, this is much nifty dirty boogie. (And the first video, especially, is a damn stitch!)

The Sheepdogs


  1. Reminds me a bit of The Black Keys early stuff, like this.

  2. one particular undead bastard,

    When did BBBB join the brethren?

  3. Just got tickets for the Replacements on March 4th....

  4. Also, Robyn Hitchcock in a small club on Tuesday. In fact, I have seven shows in the next four weeks.