Monday, June 13, 2016

Posted With Several Damn Comments

I'm sick of it. So genuinely sick of it.

Innocents dead. Wasted. Perforated. Just out to have a good time, and because OMGWTFBBQBUTTSEX they had to die. People with families. Friends. Pets. Employers. Clubs. Dead. I have no connection except for being human, but I'm not sure I like that label too much anymore. Because humans suck. We suck. Virus with shoes indeed.

Churches celebrated yesterday. The death of gays, an awful lot of them Latino, at the hands of a brown guy, who could not be directly tied to Pat Robertson. They hallalujahed until they were hoarse.
The gun manufacturers ramped up the AR-15 lines again, they're going to sell a metric balls-ton of them in the next few days.
The republican candidate for president took credit for predicting this, then accused President Obama of, of course, another 'false-flag jihad taquito birthghazi.'

I wonder sometimes how these subhuman bastards sleep at night, and realize, with pain in my brain, that they sleep pretty well. There is death, beautiful, beautiful death, of people who ain't them. They sleep great. They have well oiled penis replacements tucked under their pillows or inside their shorts, and they sleep like babies.

(Disclaimer: Image is not mine, and I can't make out the artist. If anyone knows Imma happy to give him full credit, 7000pt. font and the contents of my wallet, 'cuz they's a whole buncha damn prophets. I apologize in advance about the contents of my wallet, mostly receipts, a few cigar wrappers, and a credit card of dubious provenance and dubiouser value.)


  1. Google reverse image search (in Chrome right click image, click "Search Google for this image") is usually your friend.


    Unfortunately, it looks like the original image is a stupid Xtian cartoon. The second panel originally contained "How could he? He's not allowed in school anymore."

    Here's a rebuttal from somebody at Patheos.

  2. We skipped the Milwaukee Pride Parade on Sunday, because...well, no real reason but I figured there would be plenty of representation, and there was. There was also massive turnout for the vigil on Monday at City Hall, and the city unfurled a massive pride flag, and rang the fucking tower bells for every mass shooting this year. Reports are 'it went on forever' because that's who we are now. But here:

    So, we walked a few blocks over to the Locust Street Festival of Arts and Music, the longest continually running street festival in Wisconsin. We had good beers, watched good bands, saw good friends, and just generally spent the day enjoying the hell out of beautiful weather in the face of stupid gun horror.

    On the other stump, the response (other than the useless "Thoughts and Prayers" that Republican politicians trot out to deflect their decisions to never do anything about this) from Americans has been heartwarming. John Oliver pulled out a great cold open on Sunday. Gilmore did an entire show. Samantha Bee did a primal scream of an opening segment with lots of curse words. The Democrats walked out on faker Paul Ryan's stupid 'moment of silence' in the House, shouting 'Where's the Bill? Where's the Bill?" Thousands of people donated blood, all across the country. Finally, FINALLY, some people started to talk about re-instating the assault weapon ban, and some started saying Abolish the 2nd Amendment.

    Obama looked as nonplused and despondent as I have ever seen him body language saying 'This shit again? FML' But then, in subsequent speeches, both he and Clinton really laid the hard wood to the Republican Party and the NRA for blocking every attempt.

    George Takei says "you shouldn't have messed with us, NRA" He's right. The LGBTQ community has been so ostracized and legalized against, and they have worked against fucking intense odds forever. And after all that, they are able to marry. I wouldn't put it past them to be able to do what straight white men couldn't on this issue....

    I know you're cynical, man. But were you cynical when you were meeting BNL? NO YOU WEREN'T. I used to be cynical, but now I am less so. And I see a rising tide of Americans who want to see the insanity of our stupid gun availability to have some level of regulation. You know, like it says in the amendment. Because more and more (just like the turning point in gay rights happened at some point when everyone realize they had gay relatives....and now, more and more everyone is recognizing that hey have been impacted by gun violence.

    Fuck guns. No guns. If you want to hunt, go to a hunting service enter and check one out with a designated number of bullets. No fucking handguns. No fucking concealed carry. No carry at all in a municipality over like 2000 people. ANY felony record means no gun. Domestic Violence means no guns. Nothing other than target pistols or bolt action, unless you go through annual military authorized certification. NO GODDAM RAPID FIRE SEMI-AUTO MURDER MAGIC PENISES!