Sunday, July 17, 2016



The new Ghostbusters is out. For months, many so-called 'men' have been complaining about wrecked childhoods because cooterdust. Or whatever. Most of these so-called men lack personal experience with, ummm, well, really, women in general, much less mouth-to-ladybits communication. Also these so-called men are dipshits who should be encouraged to explore the effects of diesel tailpipes upon scuba mouthpieces. The original was quite funny, I had the T-shirt myself. But, it was not Young Frankenstein. Quit witcher dog-whistles, we know what you are saying, own it you punkass bitches.

While I was not enthused by the first trailer, the pieces that have leaked out have been better. I had been likely to see it. I don't know the actresses save Melissa McCarthy, and I'm not particularly a fan, she's ok, wevs. I enjoy light science fiction/comedy in general, including one of my all-time favorite films:

  • I. Loved. The Last Starfighter. I will go full DeathBlossom on anyone who disagrees, because they are failed at evolution. Always trust Centauri. 

Meteorologically speaking, Twister sucks on ice, but I'll watch it anytime I see it's on. Hell, I even rather enjoyed Evolution; bugger off.

Reviews so far have been basically, "If you're not expecting Citizen Kane, or even Candy Cane's First Lesbian Macramé Adventure, you'll have some fun. Don't overthink it, just enjoy it." So fine.

"But paleo, after saying it looks okay, you are saying that you had been likely to see it. Now you're not. Typical libtard cuck commie islamist elitist zionist fascist, uhhh, beta, respective vaginas, hah gotcha, Trump!" Well, oh Dweller In The Basement, the movie still looks fine. It's going to make the Netflix list, but:

Whilst waiting for Sweetie to get ready to go to the Co-op, I am watching The Mummy (w/ Brendan Frasier - again, as long as ya don't think too hard, enjoyable as all get out), and commercial breakage comes up. Oh, my, errr, it's ahhh, Ghostbusters tie-in, pizza, ohfuckfuckFUCK Papa John's, with the goddamn criminal filth Schnatter dressed in teh Beige Coveralls.

I realize, I do, that all marketing departments are useless gits, and given the job of promoting Citizen Kane, or Candy Cane Visits A KY Factory With Six Portable Generators And A Funk Band, would put out a line of action figures. And I'd buy the full Candy Cane Collection. The marketing team doesn't care about the movie, especially arthouse films like the Candy Cane series. The production team does not get too involved on the marketing end, other than direct promotion of the movie. Production holds no part in what I am about to say.

I cannot reward, in any way, any product, that would in any form, allow itself, either directly or indirectly, to be associated with a bloodthirsty monster like John Schnatter. If there is such a thing as universal justice, he would be in the first group up in the dock for crimes against humanity and the American worker. Fuck him, fuck his corporate board, fuck Peyton Manning. He needs to be in Supermax until he can be swept up and put in a dustbin.

And anyone who can stand his quasi-pizza needs a tastebud transplant. Jes' sayin'.


  1. (w/ Brendan Frasier - again, as long as ya don't think too hard, enjoyable as all get out)

    Rachel Weisz... IBIMB

  2. Hey, I also liked Evolution. I mean the uncalled-for amount of Duchovny notwithstanding, you have Julianne Moore with a flash of stockings and garters....

    The worst part of the Ghostbusters MRA idiocy? Now that it is out and all their foot stamping and tiny dick waving notwithstanding, it is doing well and getting relatively good reviews, so they go all-in on doing racist attacks on Leslie Jones.

    Jeeps for dog's sake, you pathetic unemployed basement dwelling sub humanoids LET IT FUCKING GO. Hardly anyone agrees with you, it was a stupid movie the first time, the second time was stupider, and it sounds like this one is at least a bit smarter and your tribe is dying slowly, because you can't get a woman to touch you, let alone have a kid that you can pass along this kind of retrograde attitude.

    Also, seconding the Rachael Weisz 'Rowr' from above. But I am pretty partial to Julianne Moore. Red hair, heroic nose, somewhat notable actress....'Rowe'.

    plus furthermore and such as...there's a bourbon tasting on Thursday at a an East Side Dive Bowling Alley/ drinking hole, but it is sponsored by Jim Beam so it will be all Jim Beam. But it is only 10 bucks, and it will be far better than watching anything to do with the Trumpian shitshow From Cleveland...

  3. much response from Leslie Jones: