Thursday, September 22, 2016

Politics Is The Art Of Turning Lunacy Into Policy

Seeing a lot of Democratic Party cannibalism these days. What the hell I don't even...

So, I supported Sanders through most of the primary, he in fact won the MN primary. I did this knowing that he was not and never would really be a member of the Democratic Party (Sec'y Clinton has done the rubber chicken circuit for Dems for years) and knowing he was a gunhumper (Sec'y Clinton is very much not). I preferred the rest of his platform to hers, knowing that it was mostly aspirational, and would at least pull the Party back from the center, which, given the Overton window, is pretty horrible. No we were never getting free college and single-payer after one election. Never. Nope. It will take several cycles and some damn actual Democrats in Congress. Politics simply doesn't work that way, and frankly representative democracy has worked pretty damn well over time, all things considered.

The other option? The REVOLUTION? Bullshit.

You know what happens in a revolution? A shitpile of people get hurt badly, and they are, French Revolution notwithstanding, usually the powerless. Would I like to see a guillotine permanently installed on Wall Street? Hells yeah. But that will happen when I grow a tail.

I didn't turn on Senator Sanders until the end of primary bullshit, when, after he'd won the platform battle, he still pouted. And a significant number, maybe 15-20%, of his supporters (Jill 'Science is just an illuuuusion.' Stein

and Gary Johnson? Have you actually read his CV and the Libertoonian Party Platform?) are still pouting. Politics is WORK, y'all. Dreaming is good, but without translating dreams into a metric fuckton of ridiculously hard work over a pretty fair period of time, it remains dreams. The rewards go to those who show up.

The monsters on the right wing? Both the Deplorables and the Executives? They've been showing up without fail for 45 years. And anyone who guarantees Senator Sanders would be ahead at this point is delusional. It would be close, he might have even been slightly ahead for some time because Trump is a sociopath, just really that bad, Stop-And-Frisk you racist motherfucker? You know, where we are right now. But we'd hear commercial after commercial of SSOOOOSHULISSTTICISM (as opposed to commercial after commercial of SHE HAS PARKINSONAIDSEBOLAHYSTERICALPREGNANCY) and Americans are easily led and lied to. I don't know how Sec'y Clinton would perform as President; I like the party platform, I don't listen to the right wing smear machine (dumbass bastards have brought up Vince Foster again??!), certainly she wouldn't be as conciliatory as President Obama, and about damn time someone takes a stick to the Republican curs, but she (or a President Sanders) would still have to work with a Republican House (Senate seems to be a near-tossup, dammit Nate Silver) and politics as a nasty game where no-one gets their wishlist. 


President Trump with a Republican House and Senate, at which point Ryan and McTurtle will cream in their jeans, possibly together, big ol' goddamn 'IT"S PAYDAY!!!' circle-jerk, and throw every right wing fascist fantasy up knowing that Trump will sign anything for them. That's why most modern establishment Pubs haven't actually come out against Trump, they may not like him but he'll do no actual work as President except sign anything put in front of him.

My two cents, meh.


  1. Some detail on Actual Gary Johnson:

    1. More on Gary Johnson. This guy is as bad as Trump. Maybe worse, because he fakes being affable and reasonable, while being in favor of the pretty much the same array of heinous policy positions.

  2. OT, but I am re-bingeing The Doctor, and just went though the Doctor Donna arc. STELLAR!!!

  3. I am still completely conflicted that the Governor from TWD is also the Next Doctor. Good vs/. Evil. What an actor!!!!