Monday, October 28, 2013

I've Never Seen This - Freakin' Cool

Went with the Brother-In-Law to the Minnesota-Nebraska game (he's a Husker), I didn't have a dog in the race but I figgered I best accompany him lest he gets in a fight with, ummm, Minnesota.

You may have seen the report on ESPN. It was a curbstomping...for Nebraska. #24 BCS Nebraska. Never in  the game, really, teh Gophers man-handled 'em, 34-23 and it was not that close. So congratulations Minnesota!

But for my part, for this post, I have never seen this live - the students charging the field:

It really was that damn cool. I'm no longer ahemcoughsnerkcollegeage, but the parties that night had to be something! Sigh...


  1. THERE'S your running game! Starks/Lacy. Takes enough pressure off Rodgers to make him savage with his passing game.

  2. We're doing better than taking pressure off AR, we had a drive over 8 mins, I will take that every and any Sunday. And the line was blowing people off - as bad as the Queens D was, Allen and Williams are quality players, but you never heard Allen's name, only once or twice for Kevin Williams, a number of great big holes, and Lacy's a bowling ball anyhow.

    Haven't seen that forevah - !

    But goddammit, the dumb sumbitch what came up with prevent defense and offense should be beaten, we were doing just fine with aggressive play, turn to that "we'll let them have 7 yds, as long as they don't get 20", I've never ever seen that work. "Bart Starr coaching" is right.

  3. And the third down stats were CRUSHING. even that hack Collingsworth had to admit it.

  4. I'm no longer ahemcoughsnerkcollegeage

    But you're not exactly a grownup!