Friday, October 4, 2013

Quotes Of The Day

From Business Insider.

Hey, don't mock it, the editor got kicked out of Wall Street by the SEC - clearly an expert on the markets.
The WSJ summarizes the situation best:
"I haven't seen morale this bad since the Titanic," said Richard Stein, a senior recruiter at Caldwell Partners CWL.T -3.41% who specializes in financial services.
First off, the fella is remarkably well preserved, 1912, 2013, has vivid memory of the Titanic, I'd say at least, 113 years old. He could be talking about the film, I guess (no spoilers - I haven't seen it. Oh, wait, not gonna.)
And if bankers are not happy, nobody else will be (here's looking at you dear perpetual banker bailout ATM known as US taxpayers).
Analysts are scrambling to ratchet down earnings estimates ahead of the reports. J.P.Morgan and Wells Fargo are slated to post results on Oct. 11, with Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corp., Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. due to weigh in the following week.
Poor results could prompt additional job cuts and worsen the already downcast mood on Wall Street, bankers and recruiters said. ... Mr. Stein, the recruiter, said he received 100% more calls in August and September than in the same months in 2012 from disgruntled traders in fixed income, currencies and commodities at big banks looking to switch firms. "There's no opportunity to make any money right now," he said. "Nothing is happening." ...
(Following quote, emphasis by paleo.) 
Finally, since a dropping bonus check tide will reduce all compensation packages across all levels, it means more disgruntled bankers, less discretionary income for the wealthiest, even less taxes paid into city, state and Federal coffers, less consumption and more saving, and an end to America's deficit-cutting miracle and certainly and (sic) end to the days of barely even stall speed GDP.
Boy oh boy can I fix. 

I'd say the subhuman scumbags deserve everything they get, tried, jailed, executed, dug up and executed again. Then kicked. Frequently. By every person they every screwed.



  1. pssst..... TBogg is back online at Raw Story, if you care to update your Evil League of Evil.

    1. I know, and in fine form too!

      Waiting to leave for camping/fishing, watching game, being stabby about it, and fighting w/ iDerp ...

    2. it was a pretty good NFC north defensive battle. Plus, put a little humility into the Lions.

      A little short of my prediction of 39-12 though.

  2. He says as Jones goes for teh Leap!

  3. it means more disgruntled bankers, less discretionary income for the wealthiest

    My heart bleeds... oh, I lay down on a tomato. Carry on!

    1. Don't lay down on bamboo, one of the Mythbusters experiments that made me a touch squirrely...

      Do you have colors yet/still?

  4. Gohmert is saying that America won't be defaulting if the government is still shut down.

    That's like saying if you close your checking account, the bank won't repossess your home. Or, since I just finished Doctor Sleep, if you hide from the monsters under your covers, they won't eat your face.

    1. Not to imply that I am not in favor of monsters eating Louie Gohmert's face; what there is of it, anyways.

    2. A.) Doctor Sleep - to Netflix!
      B.) I'd pay good money to rent a monster right now.

      I don't like Gohmert a damn bit, the centipedes eating his brain haven't reached the speech center, but I give him a hiccup of credit - he's a true believer in this shit, default the gov't, lienholders call in their stakes, we are forced to break into the SS trust fund to pay them off and voila, no moar gummint. Steve King is a troll, Bachmann is a (barely controllable) mouthpiece, R(and) Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz are fucking grifters.

      When I got repo'ed, honest to FSM I was not entirely sure who the lienholders were, my mortgages had been sold and bundled so many times. Long done, now, but what a gorram headache.

    3. ...ummm, Doctor Sleep is one a them things, whattaya callz em, boof? Boot? Book, I think....

      At this point, I have heard the best course when foreclosure is happening is to ask for an original copy of the signed right to foreclose. Many times, it has changed hands so many times that nobody has kept track. If they can't prove it, they are not able to collect. Doesn't stop 'em from trying to scare people into it, of course.... they are bankers, after all.