Monday, July 7, 2014

Luxury, We'd Have Been Thrilled For An Armageddon Level Event

I've never had any particular fear of flying my freak flag.

I believe in ghosts. Bigfeets. UFOs.

To be consistent, I suppose I must allow for the possibility of some Prime Mover of the universe. It may not be turtles all the way down. To be truly honest, cuz' I iz a geek I'd prefer the Norse pantheon, but I'm drifting off point.

The possibility of a Prime Mover then must allow the, now slimmer, possibility of The Bearded Sky Daddy (TM), watching us, protecting us, keeping video of the better masturbation sessions. This is less likely, to my mind, reasoning that if he is protecting and judging us, and choosing heaven versus hell, to read the stories and to see the world as it is, he is a capricious bastard who sucks at his job. Not to mention, any heaven/hell based, eternal reward/eternal fire type of faith denies free will, when you break it down to the quark level, and I refuse, I have my own damn free will, make my own decisions, take responsibility, to the best of my ability, for them.

Jesus? The Red Words are actually nifty, seriously, Jesus in and of his own bad self, as written and quoted, was kinda nifty, but I defy you to find one Real True Christian who has ever read the Red or who has taken them to heart. Whoops, found a point.

I do not believe in Religion (TM). As a whole, religion has never been able to balance the scales by doing enough good to counteract the evil of their very existence.

Some religions do help a bit, pass out food and clothing without prozelytizing.

Some religions build new palaces.

Pope Frank talks the talk, and appears to be trying to walk the walk. (BTW, Mr. Pope, triple your security. Please. I'm somewhat inclined to like you. No more Benedicts.)

Pope Clarence Antonin Anthony Sammybaby Roberts has a misogyny issue. (Does we needz a link? Read any newspaper from last week.) A bit. And a believing science issue. A bit. And fuck the poors, by the way, if they have a problem, they should buy their own Justices. Bicthez.

Once upon a time, I went to a Unitarian church. It didn't stick, but for the winter celebration the opening song was from Bruce Cockburn.

Sweetie and I actually joined a Catholic Church to get married. Primarily for the parents, but we were not trying to use them, we joined in good faith. The only fondness I had from church as a child was as a community-type thingy. Then Mr. Priest, upon finding out Sweetie's first husband was muslim, didn't react well or appropriately. Then, Mr. Archbishop Nienstadt, a true walking collection of yeast infection, took money from the coffers to build homeless shelters fight like a rabid amphibian against marriage equality in MN. Bye, oh high and mighty melonheaded bastards.

Things are a touch weighted in one direction, is what Imma saying. Not the good one.

Can we get past this?

Faith is faith, and good on ya if you have it in whatever. I have my beliefs, and I sleep okay. But these organizations are a touch less than useful, and a touch more than criminal fuckers.



  1. I'd like to see churches taxes, myself. It is pure grade A strawberry fertilizer to say they don't engage in politics. If they play the game, they can PAY for the game.
    I'd like to be an atheist, but I have this discouraging semi-theistic bent.

    1. Hell yes to taxes!

      Strawberry fertilizer?

    2. After the zompocalypse, taxing rich people and churches will be the standard.

  2. Bruce Cockburn is playing Shank Hall this week. Still on the fence about going.

    1. Haven't seen him, but love him - see it and report young man!

    2. I think I am gonna have to pass. Spent all my money at Summerest, and have two municipal submittals to prepare this week.

    3. What is this whole 'getting paid' thing. Everyone should just live an agrarian lifestyle of peace and vegetable rights.

    4. I am so busy I don't even have time to do invoicing. I think this could be a problem, unless clients adopt my "dump buckets of cash on your architect" business method.

  3. I saw Bruce Cockburn back in the 80s, on teh "World Of Wonders" tour. He was working a world music vibe at the time with a big band; I was in college and an acquaintance was booking shows. Often did load-in and load-out in exchange for getting in free.

    This night, we did load-in and the lighting techs got lost somehow, so rather than finishing the gear humping and hitting the pub until the show started, we were pressed into helping with lighting setup. I held a ladder. However, it was during soundcheck, so I was standing next to Bruce (we are buds now, so I call him Bruce) and we chatted while he was playing. Canadian, so nice guy.

    Lighting techs still hadn't shown, so we got drafted to do follow spots. I did a good job too. But the dude booking the show is a jerkola, so we didn't get paid, not even a comp t-shirt. And then we did load-out.

    It was a pretty good show though.