Monday, April 9, 2012

Did Anyone Really Think...

...that "Christian leaders" give a sweet goddamn about ANYONE other than their own fat asses?

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Let us ignore the fact that it appears you have burgled Eddie Vedder's closet circa 1997 for your wardrobe here - ohh, just so hip I could DIE! What the fuck, Rick? What side of the equation does Saddleback fall on here - I see this little church on a
country lane and get concerned that your tax exemption may not be serving the purpose it was intended for. Oh, wait, perhaps your phraseology failed you and you were intending to convey your happiness. In that, you know, YOU DON'T PAY TAXES.

'Those what got, who got what they got through use of the public commons, education, infrastructure, gotta pony up a bit to help those who ain't got"- Gospel of paleo, Verse 1, goddammit.

This is the Cathedral of St. Paul, in St, Paul, MN, the seat of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Archbishop John Nienstadt. 306 feet tall before the cross, $35M restoration project in 2000-2002, including new copper-clad material for the dome. And it is a sight, the construction guy in me does see that, it's gorgeous. And obviously, with that kind of scratch coming in, the Catholic Church must be doing some hella good works in the Cities, homeless are homed, starving are fed, and such. Right? Archbishop?

The Ryan budget has just come out, the greatest redistribution of wealth...upwards... since the Gilded Age. No, really, no exaggeration. Let's slash social services entirely and cut taxes at the top brackets so the 'deficit hawks' may cheer as the deficit blooms because MATH DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY. Paul Krugman of the NYT has already demolished the math, so what about the social consequences? I'll ask a man tasked with helping the less fortunate - Timothy Cardinal Dolan, head of the US Conference Of Bishops. Timmeh?

Dear Religion,

Go to hell.

Love, paleo

UPDATE: Holy hammer, how did I miss this? Gotta get my EMF* meter recalibrated. This changes EVERYTHING! [/snark]

*Evil Mother Fucker.

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