Monday, June 22, 2015

Paleo Productions Presents: Pale People Privilege

Dear Burger King,

You took some tough press for that. Really tough.

And, I mean, rightfully so, the decision makers at your corporate levels make me nostalgic for the good old days of tumbrels and gigantic cheese slicers.
My sweetie informs me that it's a French word, geeoteen. I ain'tn't so good with French, although I can generally find the wine. Oh, that's right, you now have people who speak French working for you! Huzzah! Well, enough pleasantries. Hang on to your pantaloons:

I haz your new ad campaign!!

Please to be paying muchness for it, I'm thinking mid-six figures?




Now, to be serious:


Parkour-boy, in McKinney, TX, attempts to throttle an unarmed, bikini-clad teen-ager, and you know he'd have shot her friends if the other cops hadn't talked him down. AND THEY. DID. NOTHING. WRONG.

Now you've got Lew Rockwell Jr., killing 9 damn people, and you not only handle the little sonuvabitch with the softest of kid gloves, he's peckish, so you buy him fast food?

And the conservatives actually want to know why us loony libs think the American Justice system is terminal?

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