Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Donald Inadvertantly (Because Trump, D'uh) Makes A Point

In the wisest electoral move the Democratic Party has made in years, running Donald Trump for the presidency as a Republican, he has played his role to the hilt, becoming the GPS and the accelerator for the republican clown car!

Actually, that is too simplistic, and gives the Democratic leadership far too much credit for cunning...

Certainly, though, Trump has become, probably already was, the raging cockroach in the brain of the average republican:

  • seeking to kill anything that reeks of thinking; 
  • wanting to smash anyone who dares look aside from the goals of theocracy, subjugation of anyone failing the paper bag or external genitalia test, and submission to oligarchy;
  • fear, so much fear. Buy stock in Depends for the first republican debate.

Once again, Trump opened his mouth, and the news and blogs have exploded. (Note - this is a blog post about this. Shoot me.) He stated that he preferred his heroes be uncaptured soldiers, in response to McCain complaining that Trump brought out 'the crazies' at an event in Phoenix.

This needs to be unpacked a bit, because Trump came close to an actual point. We need not even point out that Trump had almost as many deferments as Cheney, and served as much time in the military as Limbaugh.

In brief, John McCain parlayed his family name into becoming a truly horrible airman and officer, graduating near the bottom of his class, destroying two of his aircraft. He was shot down and taken prisoner in Hanoi, and the official record states that he behaved honorably as a POW. He gets marks for that. Actual heroism. Good job, and I mean that.

Returning from the military, crippled, with his wife similarly crippled due to a car accident, he saw an opportunity to get rich and politically connected by marrying his wealthy mistress. By rolling on his comrades, he squealed his way out of the Keating 5 scandal.  

He introduced Sarah Palin, Yukon Methnelius, the Quitta From Wasilla, teh SnowMachine Secessionist's Spouse, to the American Body Politic.

Lets's be honest. He was a hero for 5 years, and republican filth for every other day since.

So now, the passengers in the republican clown car, unable to believably lie and say that Trumpykin's statements about undocumented immigrants were crap, but still desperate to drive Trumples out of the race, have latched onto this kerfuffle to claim that 'no one who has ever worn the uniform can be criticized, ever, and stuff!'

First of all, jackholes, tell it to John Kerry, Max Cleland, and Bowe Bergdahl. You pathetic cowards. Where did you serve, Becky, Rushbo, Michael Wiener? Coultergeist, were you agitating to be allowed to try SEAL training when you served?

Wanna know who else is a hero?

Me. I've helped build the factories that make the weapons the soldiers use.
Everyone working at those factories is a hero.
Everyone paying the taxes that pay for the military, their munitions and supply, is a hero, including the immigrant, working for the yard crew, maybe a DREAMer, at the campus where I work.

You know who is not a hero?

Mittens and Chucky and Davy, who for all their money pay an effective tax rate of not.
Dick Cheney, who used the military to enrich his paymasters at Halliburton.
Becky, teh Coultergeist, et al, who, when McCain, playing at being a moderate and running for the republican nomination in 2000, help spread the rumor in South Carolina (yeah, that flag is a-l-l-l-l-l about heritage, not hate) that "McCain has a colored n***erbaby out of misceginacisism!!1!eleventy!!" (his adopted daughter Bridget).

I'm not in favor of soldier worship. They are people, some good, some bad, doing things I don't want to do. And sometimes they give their lives in defense of our country, and FSM touch them with His Noodly Goodness. And they need to be taken care of, they've earned it. And sometimes they need to be smacked down and jailed (General Jerry Boykin, you need a long time in a cooler, you psychopath.) People. Braver than I, yes. And they don't need to be used as chess pieces by neocon swine. But they are not doing this alone. It's most of us, together.

Most of us, except for the peckernecks who use them as cannon fodder and propaganda fodder. Fuck them.


  1. ...aaaaannnd just like that, Trumpy opens up a double digit lead. Say what you will, he delivers the 180-proof hate to the bitter, violent racist demo...

  2. "Trump: Duh." is the new campaign bumper sticker...