Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lil' Frankie Graham Watches Us From Olympus, Longing For His Own Lightning Bolts

So, Wee Frannie Knickers went to CNN and scolded us, verbing things about secularism, theocracy, and gay marriage. Ignoring the fact that he ignores all facts, he said in regards to weddings presumably followed by extremely festively lubed buttsex:

“I think we need a nationwide referendum on this and let’s see what the people say,” he concluded.

No. Just no.

We are not a democracy. We are a democratic republic. Important distinction time.

We are not a democracy, because individual people are stupid and should probably be maimed. We are a democratic republic under the theory that individual people elect representatives of the people as a whole, so that the representative is removed from Steve's individual feelings of ickiness and tinglies in his special spot when he thinks about gay sex, and instead works for all the people. Protecting the minority from the majority of individually stupid people who should be maimed. Festively, if you like, I'm not in a party mood at the moment but perhaps could be persuaded.

The fact that we fail miserably at the whole Republic thingy, and have more frequently than not failed miserably at the whole Republic thingy, does not change the fact that it could work, and certainly works better than a country with 300 million individual governments, with 300 million individual agendas and prejudices. And no paved roads. And Wonder Bread being declared 'organic'. And Star Wars prequels, Bud Light winning the Great American Beer Fest, FloridaGeorgia Line being considered music...

OOOOH. MUSIC. I was just keyed into this, but I want to hug these people!


  1. They sound like Mumford and Sons, don't they?

    Going to see Cloud Cult next week.

    1. But I have some emusic credits, so done and done!

  2. OT and a heads up: movie "He Never Died" where Henry Rollins scowls and taciturns his way through black-humor supernatural mad-dad revenge flick. It's like Taken crossed with Evil Dead. With maybe a bit of Tucker and Dale thrown in. I will say, however, that I expected a better soundtrack....