Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Big Break?

News Item:

My foot is pretty hammered, plantar fasciatus and tendonitis. I'll be on crutches for 3 weeks minimum, possibly longer.

  • Pros: As much as it sucks, this is a goddam wakeup call. I at least hurt somewhat all the time, but I am starting to suffer far too often. I hope like hell I can take this as the wake-up call needed.
  • Cons: Jayzuz H. Bejeebers, I have so much to do, and while I am perfectly capable of wasting time when I have it, forced inactivity makes me insane.

News Item:

Work is allowing me to work with crutches and a kneewalker (coming Monday - PREPARE...JOKES!)

  • Pros: Need to work, need the money.
    • Need to leave the house every so often - if I start to blog about the merits of Gordon Ramsey, shoot me a lot.
  • Cons: We have a very large facility, several buildings, mostly one floor, yeah, but still a big area.
    • Crutches suck and hurt, my poor tenderized foot hurts.
    • I have to learn to sit patiently and stuff, and rely on my paduan to be my eyeballs. I am nervous by nature, and in a critical power facility, I prefer my eyeballs.
Big News Item:

I am expecting feelers from the BBC any day now.
  • Pros: I will be many firsts, the first American Doctor, the first vaguely round Doctor. I'll be the first Doctor since Nine to have a watch jacket. The first Doctor to be wild about curry vindaloo.
    • I already have a Tom Baker scarf and a sonic toothbrush.
  • Cons: BBC best either put the new series on the BBleepometer or move it to after the watershed - I can be a bit fucking salty.
I certainly like Eleven's universe, River Song, Craig, I liked Pond a lot but LOVED Rory, the TARDIS being alive in a particular form, and I hate to see him go, but it gives me something to strive for, to match and surpass.

Beddy-bye-bye-bye all!


  1. I hate to make your day get even worse, but the Beeb has seen the response to british-themed undead content as in "Shaun Of The Dead" so the Number Twelve....well, let's just say that the music for the new series will be played by the Mekons.

    Now, I shall have to practice saying "timey wimey wibbly wobbly...THING."

  2. Don't let the Cybermen get you down, paleo.

    1. At this point I am enthused with bionics. Got $6M?


  3. I at least hurt somewhat all the time, but I am starting to suffer far too often.

    I might recommend checking into some versions of martial arts. When I started taekwondo, it was very low-impact (there was a separate adults' class) and it was helpful that the instructor was also working on here PT licensing, so she knew lots of good stuff for aging, decrepit bodies. But I've often though Tai Chi would also be good, and yoga ain't bad either. But the advantage of the combative arts is learning to be a bad-ass and to break stuff, also.

    dammit, but the robot thing has eaten into that TKD habit, and I have got to get back to it....

    1. I had never actually considered that. Goddammit, I am so fucking angry and frustrated and antsy, I am a pain to be around, and I don't like that either. Phooie.

      Picked up my knee-skateboard today, boy am I fucking enthused. Gentleman In Much Pain. Once I'm on 2 wheels as opposed to, ummm, onetwo... five, I will do something, but right now I just want a whisky and Finding Bigfoot and a damn nap. ppbbblltt!

      learning to be a bad-ass
      Must. Overcome. Being. Huge. Teddy-bear...

    2. In college, I went to a couple of Tai Chi classes- it's very smooth, gentle movements. I decided to go with Judo, though, because it was full-contact and involved a lot more actual fighting.

      Currently, I am interested in Indian clubs and I find this guy's videos informative. If you want a cheap alternative, try filling a couple of vodka bottles with water, putting some tape on the necks, and swinging those around. It's really good for "range of motion" issues, and you could do something while sitting.

  4. It's the bad-asses that look like teddy bears that you have to watch out for.

    If you look into martial arts, I could recommend the ATA for taekwondo. although the pricing is different from school to school, at least they strive for uniformity and professionalism throughout the system. And most instructors have curricula for adults (ahem) and the ATA has some specific curricula for varying levels of disability, although not all of the instructors are up on it.

    Heck, one of my instructors is a world champ in the disable category, after his back surgery I helped teach his classes....

    1. ATA - American Taekwondo Assoc?

    2. that's it. Sorry should have included a link.

  5. Maybe you can get a scooter from the gubbermint to help you get around, then put on a tricorn hat and wait for camera crews to show up.

    1. I am NOT wasting good Earl Grey on haberdashery.