Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Big Project Night

Dear readers,

I've been non compos Mentos for a couple weeks, in the furious run-up to a big project at work, my project. I've run some projects, been a foreman, sub-foreman before, but I've been trying to get behind a desk for a few years, and this is a fairly heavy duty project, upgrading and new footprint for the power harness in one of our buildings. I am looking at this as both an audition for that desk, and a feather in my cap for my current position (which is, admittedly, nowadays, mostly admin/planning, but I still must climb around switchgear all too often...)

There have been three prior phases in this whole project over the last 18 months, all smaller, difficult enough as standalone tasks, but tonight is the cap to all 4 phases. Twenty months of planning, the last six months just for tonight (and yes, if you look at that calendar math, this thing has evolved significantly from conception, when after the first phase we realized we had the chance and support to do big things.)

And now, following three furious weeks of construction, and troubled sleep, we do several cutovers tonight under no sleep. I start at 6pm, expect to be done by noon tomorrow, have hopes of being done by 10am, have fears of being done at 2pm, in which case there will be meetings. 


Wish me luck.

Regular posting to resume this week, with a short post tomorrow informing y'all of my employment status.




  1. congrats on the professional challenge.

    I had the (mis)-fortune to be kind of fast tracked in my career to the point where projects could be called 'mine'. even though they were always, in reality, collaborative at several levels.

    Now, I have several projects of note that I can point to as 'mine'. I have been awarded, several times, for the work I've done. In a recent community design charrette effort, I was tapped along with 5 other firms to work on neighborhood projects for a day, all of the firms were ones I am proud to be considered a peer.

    But the whole thing is missing one important part, that hopefully you don't miss; remuneration. Somewhere, I think I missed the class on how to set fees and collect them, because.... well, it is what it has been.

    In any case, like a said, congrats, Sparky. And remember the motto of the IBEW: "if you see me running, try to keep up."

    1. Other motto:
      9 drops per acre or first drop that hits you and the day is over.

      Thank you very much, sir.

      Way back when I tried starting my own business, the business part was what sucked - I can build the shit out of anything on a print, but dealing with customers sucks time and morale, and collecting, ughhh.

  2. What? Your Mentos are not composed?

    We can expect some extra-good logging then.

    1. Technically, my Mentos are decomposed.

  3. I've been non compos Mentos for a couple weeks

    So... your brain feels like an exploding soda bottle?

  4. Replies
    1. 'Friends' soda for the win! Wonder how it would work with Irn-Bru.

  5. We had it nailed shut and bleeding from all orifi!