Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Work Soundtrack

Get up and go is non-existent, need some energy.

Absolute damn classic album - NoFX, Ribbed

Probably need caffeine too. And for my f'in foot to work...


  1. Being Father's Day, I pulled Father's Doody....killed a spider, picked up dogshit, and mowed the lawn.

    Heh. Father's DOODY.

    Now I have to stop sweating from the lawnmowing, then decide whether to do work or read some science fiction on the deck. Which would, of course, entail running to the store to get some wine or beer.


    1. Hold it a damn minute - Father's Day. Means YZ does that stuff. Including picking up beer/wine (I lived in WI until I was mid 30's, I know - someone will sell to him, just have him grow a beard.)
      While those of us who do not have kids or a high six figure income work the day away, we shall live vicariously through your sun-bathing ass.

    2. a high six figure income

      I LOL every time you say that.

    3. Including picking up beer/wine

      When I was in high school, one of my friend's parents owned a liquor store, so they would sell to me if I bought my Dad's beer. "This for your Dad?" he would ask, with a fake-mean glare.

      Kingsbury isn't that bad when you're in high school.

    4. Means YZ does that stuff.

      He says he wants Dad to get a little exercise. He's lying of course, but the "this is for YOU" indicates he has a future in politics.

    5. Kingsbury
      No way, Special Ex Light. When it was still $5 a case and my dad worked at the brewery.

      a future in politics.
      "Oh-h-h-h, YZ, where did we go wrong??"

  2. Also: Gaslight Anthem is going to be at Harley Fest. I am kind of stoked.

    1. Everythime I've been at my desk I've put on NoFX and Reel Big Fish - I need to go to Warped.

      "Who's the ancient fucker on crutches?!"

    2. You should check out Milwaukee ska-punks Something To Do. They have often opened for RBF.

    3. Drublic is, who am I kidding, I like all of it. For a live album, They've Only Gotten Worse is a lot of damn fun.

      RBF is another band I love. I'll check out Something To Do.

      Is Little Blue Crunchy Things still a thing?

  3. Just got done raiding Cabelas on-line (dad's day sale), more fishing stuff. Someday I'll get the price of my fish under $300/lb...or probably not.

  4. wait. You have a FUCKING foot?

    I am almost positive you have some grievous misunderstandings about the process.

    Or you are part of a VERY narrow fetish scene.

    Either way, we probably need know no more. Different strokes for different soles, you know!