Monday, August 19, 2013

Saturday Night Film Review (Two Days Late): A Haunting At Silver Falls

As happens when one is a shut-in, one watches a lot of bad TV, bad movies, and spends as much time with his wife as possible. Saturday I spent the day hating life and watching dreadful sasquatch mockbusters on SyFy:

As the evening progressed, my wife returned after a long day on her own errands, and she settled back with me, plopping down peppers to be chopped for homemade salsa, and we just shot the shit for a while, very, very nice, had a supper of leftovers, and as 10 o'clock wound around, we fed kittehs and decided to do a movie and popcorn. Searching through On Demand, we settled on:

A Haunting At Silver Falls        

It is a recent film, so I won't drop too many spoilers.

  • Some pretty genuinely tense scenes, without gore or indeed much blood at all
  • Quite good cinematography, shadow and color, setting and framing. They took some time with their shots
  • While the 'creatures', to use a non-spoiling term, are obviously on a budget, they still beat the hell out of low-budget, poorly conceived CGI (see all the above Bigfoot films. Except maybe Sweet Pru Baby.)
  • The young actors did good jobs playing teenagers, does not appear to be Dawson Casting
  • The villains give pretty good evil
  • Plot holes. Holy fuggit plot holes. Character motivation ran away from this script like a running, ummm, thing. No other way to put it. Not that you need to be spoonfed, but some of these things stand out in your mind like WTF? 

  • I really liked it! Not a worldbeater, but a genuinely fun film for a night in for a few bucks. If the opportunity comes up, take it - worry about the plot holes later. A solid E thumbs.


  1. All the victims deserved horrible death. Ideally by cannibalism but no such luck.

    And thus set up the Wendigo sequel.

    1. Been done.
      With the creepy lil bastard from Malcolm in the Middle.

      Actually wasn't totally horrible. Well, maybe.

  2. it is also on Netflix streaming, if one partakes and prefers not to spend the few bucks.

    I quite liked it also, even if it has a tragic lack of zombies. Zombies always punch a movie up.

    I have been on a ghost story kick lately.

    1. Never seen a punching zombie, don't most tend towards bitey?

  3. Character motivation ran away from this script like a running, ummm, thing.

    I would suggest "like Bigfoot running from cameras or any evidence trail at all, really".

    1. Arggh, I is wounded, deeply in my cardiacal region.

      Also, well-played, v. damn funny!

    2. that was for the "Breaking Bad is boring" crack.

      Watched "Branded" on netflix, a pretty good sci-fi/ satirical thriller.

      Also, "John Dies At The End" is a humorous horror movie that I quite liked. Superb cameo from Paul Giamatti.