Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Aggression

I have a crank-ums.

A lot going on, a lot I just have to wait for. Needed doctors appointments that I kinda want the results from (no, not dying, but there are issues I want to end now and I just have to take things as they come up, but never as soon as I'd like). Job things (I need it to be Aug 26th now, but having not yet mastered bending time to my purposes, I say a hearty FUCK!). Stuff I want/need to get done at home (I need it to be 2014 yesterday, and to have in the interim invented human cloning, a branch of psychology dedicated to the issues of human clones, an ethical way of getting aforesaid clones the hell out of my house once the painting is done - p'raps via world domination, the paleo-Dynasty). I'd like to see my wife a touch more frequently (say, daily, but there remains a short time before things settle down, ummm, now + 14 days or so.)

I have no cosmic-scale reasons to be pissed off, but being human, I get crank-ums, and being an electrician, wherein, theoretically, doing the same thing the same way twice gives me the same result (I know, I know, just go with me here), I do not dance elf-like when the universe does not do exactly what I want it to do.

The wee music box becomes a bit agitated on such days. Obviously, there are very few songs with a bridge lyric of "thank god it is September and I don't have to slowly squeeze the life out of someone anymore", but the selection tends towards, well, crank-ums.

I don't know if Vevo gives the same commercial to everybody with the same tune, but the one I got with this song was for a Samsung tablet, which had me totally nuke the commercial from orbit as everyone in it annoyed me.

I like Aaron Barrett. Mostest cheerfullest bastard I know.

I was just going to post 'Uncle Walter', but screw it, the whole album is about right today.




  1. I been watching cheesy ghostie horror movies all day on Netflix, while I figure out how to do a 3D site contour model that fits the building model I have.

    Ghosts. Hah. Insubstantial wimps. Who's afraid of fucking ghosts?

    1. You are overthinking this. Half a bottle of good scotch and a couple bad cigars (Bruichladdich and Swisher grape) and you'll be able to create three-dimensional thought forms. Or fall down. Salt and/or sugar.

  2. I'm sure you've already found this out, "Movies To Die For" from AMC on Nettlesflix is more like "Movies To Strangle Your Brain By". Two words, Satan's Little Helper.