Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend Post-Mortem

First of all, without going to deeply into it, and with actually not much direct reason, I hate the world.

  •  By direct reason, I should specify that on a good day I want every person breathing (and some not - they should be dug up first) beaten severely and repeatedly.

No, this is something else, a bit more primal. I can, at this moment, stand about 3 people and my cats.
This post may be colored by my perception that people are probably lizards, and that there is some fine eating on a gecko.

Wisconsin - Assholezuna State:
We've all seen the video, typical behaviour of a ref on the take. These guys should be fired, blacklisted, crated up and sent to Kamchatka, where they might make reasonably functional port ice inspectors on Sakhalin Is.
It is what it is, NCAA is corrupt as shit, the PAC-12 ref's saw a chance to make a bonus payment to whatever mob family held their grandmothers in cold storage, fuck them all.

Minnesota - Chicago:
In a perfect world, dozens of federal agents blow through the locker room doors, drag both teams off to work farms, where, as quasi NFL athletes, they would have made excellent cobblers, or nuclear-weapon-proof vest testers. As it is, I need Minnesota to, twice a year, not suck. As usual, they failed.
Exciting enough game however.
Note: Cutler will be a passable QB this year again only until the Bears lose and he turns on his coach, OC, and O-Line. This guess does not make me psychic, it simply means I've read the sports news on a semi-regular basis.

Green Bay Packers - Washington Crackers:
I really need a football package on cable. MN, being a non-NFL state, insists on broadcasting some local-yokel semi-pro team. Fuck the NFL, fuck cable, fuck every fucking criminal politician and Tony Soprano fellator that sold this state out for a new stadium for these clowns.
The stats from the Packer game are wonderful, just empty and sorta meaningless. Fucking Masthay's shanked punt in the forth - work farm, cobbler, etc.

Fuck everything. Except, Sodastream Root Beer. And this:

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