Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I'm A Traditionalist - In A Certain Sense

My own little long-time traditions - get some popcorn and a good scotch.

Why is this not on heavy holiday rotation?

Good voice for Opus.

This was on every Christmastime when I was a little, well, younger paleo. Along with the White Seal.
Good Chuck Jones Stuff.

Nagaina freaked me out then, maybe now too!

And finally, we all know what paleo will be doing into the wee hours after work (I'm on vacation coverage today, pppbblltt! It happens, don't mind, there are probably 30 people on the whole campus, security and my team, so just keep active...) wee hours after work tonight!


Update: Courtesy of a coworker


  1. yeah, I am on in-law duty today, and will likely not be back until late.

    I think I would rather be on holiday rotation.

    So, depending on how much of the in-laws booze I drink, I'll be there with you late night!

    And maybe go back to work tomorrow or the next day, where I can't get in trouble and the only person I can disappoint is myself.

    1. So, depending on how much of the in-laws booze I drink, I'll be there with you late night!

      As a professional, I would advise all of it.

      I was supposed to go see extended family in Lake Geneva on Saturday, now unexpectedly cancelled, but boy was I not looking forward to a near-Chicago day trip, 12 hour turnaround sort of thing, get home at asshole o'clock...

  2. Well I'll be eating turkey and stuffing and such as...It's a dirty jerb, but sombody's gotta do it!

    1. Security got us sushi, teh boss got us BBQ. POSSIBLY LETHAL combination, but I have always been up for a challenge.

      Enjoy the afternoon nap!

  3. Heh, Miley licking the flagpole is awesome. What's up with her tongue anyway?

    I had to work a graveyard shift on Christmas. I slept the rest of the day, then got Chinese food.

    1. What's up with her tongue anyway?

      Lizard people.

      Yeah, but you had Christmas in Italy - cool incidentally, and I'm not too heartbroken for you! Merry Stuff, brutha!

  4. Paleo, I wasn't knocked out by the ep. Although I found Number 12's reaction to the regen to be credible and a sign of good things.