Monday, December 2, 2013

Guillotines Get Lazy When Not Used

Listening to Thom Hartmann today, when a caller expressed the wish that the Walmart protestors would gather at the homes of the Walton heirs, with a family worth (Sept. 2013) of $144B.

Mr. Hartmann, who I enjoy and respect 99% of the time (occasionally he gets a touch homeopathic, which, even as generally lunatic as I am, I don't buy), suggested that the Waltons attempt to stay out of the public eye and be quiet billionaires makes them non-combatants, unlike the Koch brothers. He suggested, in a philosophically consistent sense, and he's probably correct in an ethical sense, that change should and can only really be achieved by becoming active in the political process.

Where I strongly disagree is that the Walton heirs are non-combatants.

They are not sitting in their living rooms playing GTA V and only hearing about Walmart business practices or lobbying activities if they happen to surf past Free-Speech TV.

They could tell their lobbyists or the Walmart board "ya know, hey, we are being kinda peanutheady here, let's give everyone a raise and insurance, and close on Thanksgiving."

They don't. They won't.

Fuck 'non-combatant'. They are fair game.

The right-wing scum protest (and gleefully kill) at the homes of doctors who provide abortions. They check the countertops of children with needs ("hey, you got granite? Die please!"). They fight like wolverines to prevent people who just aren't quite... ummm... worthy?... no, wait, poor!, from getting access to doctors.

A lawn bowling and cliffotine party couldn't happen to a more deserving group of people.


  1. I always get the feeling that they compare Black Friday atrocity videos obtained from their store cameras when they get together for the holidays. Laughing and laughing and laughing. It's not only business, but damn good entertainment!

    I don't shop on Black Friday, I don't shop at Mall-Wart, and I won't watch those damnable videos. No need to increase the page views...

    1. I could live with Black Friday if they opened at a reasonable hour, say 7 or 8, so their employees could have a decent, full Thanksgiving holiday and a full night sleep before the store fills with fucking idiots.

      I don't shop on Friday or at Bigboxorama, although we tried once for Kohl's, I think, what a clusterfuck, my Friday was all apocalyptic.

  2. But now for serious shit.

    OK, I don't have a problem with the TARDIS being able to land in a plumb orientation in just about any sitch. Even though the intro segments show that mother tumbling like shit.

    But, when it rights itself, what happens underneath to level the blue fucker? And when it moves on, what happens to that slurry?

    but fuck, "Don't Blink" just came up and I think I need a new drink to deal with it....

    1. Why does it necessarily have to be on the ground - it tumbles through time and space, it might be able to imperceptibly hover above the thistles. And if the Doc would quit trying to be a pilot, I bet the TARDIS might fly quite comfortably.
      Eleven: "Where's the groangroan sound? I love that sound!"
      River: "You always leave the brakes on, I turned them off, this blue button."
      Eleven:"It's a great sound! That's (points at button) a boringer, a blue boringer." (all para)

      Mmmmm, Sally Sparrow, fantastic ep. Timey-wimey indeed.

  3. Where I strongly disagree is that the Walton heirs are non-combatants.

    Yes, this. They actively campaign in their stores against unionization, they won't give their employees full-time work because that would cause regulations to go into effect and force them to offer bennies, etc., etc., etc. (ad. nauseum). And then they run cute funtime commercials in prime time with a few selected employees extolling the virtues of working at MallWart and how awesome a company it is.

    Non-combatants, my ass. Just because they aren't actively beating their employees in the stores (yet), doesn't mean they aren't combative.

    Shorter me: Fuck them. Fuck them right in the ear.

  4. Yes, fuck them all in the ear. With an old style long handled grenade.