Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bring On The B Movies

(first in a series? I'll take suggestions!)

I'm a big drive-in-type movie guy. Give me zombies, spaceships, boobies, and for this post, underground man-eating monsters!

No, not C.H.U.D.

I'm a (nowadays, amateur) geologist and prefer my underground man-eating monsters a bit more Pre-Cambrian. As such, I give you...


Yeah, they’re loud, silly movies. I don’t care. See ‘em. The words on printed page are not jokey per se, but the delivery and context are funny as hell. Burt Gummer in that second clip – Michael Gross is fantastic! I read somewhere that he was considered a weird choice for the part, coming fresh off of whatever bloody stupid sitcom he was on (they all kind of blend in my memory as a syrupy, Reagan-colored nightmare – ugh!) but he went to the audition and went all out. Finn Carter is seriously cute in the first film, as a sexy geologist – kind of the female version of me, really. Except for, you know, boobs, and attractiveness.

There were a number of scenes that made you jump, some fun gore, ‘splosions, great characters. For the time, the effects were actually pretty good – maybe not Return of the Jedi level, but it is refreshingly free of fucking ewoks.

I’ve heard the TV series, famously treated like a red-headed step-child by whatever the hell the science fiction cable television network called itself at the time, was just as fun. But Netflix, may their CEO be eaten by locusts, has failed to secure the rights, or has lost the rights, or has yet to hire a negotiator who understands the term ‘rights’. Bastards.

As an aside I always thought this song…

…should have been in the soundtrack. It seems to fit, and the Refreshments have that sort of Southwestern thing going. And it’s a great damn song.


  1. It seems to fit, and the Refreshments have that sort of Southwestern thing going. And it’s a great damn song.

    I haven't heard that in years! Love it, "Show your ID card to the border guard, your alias says you're Captain Jean Luc Picard" is an inspired bit.

    Those movies are fun, nothing beats a good, middlebrow monster movie, except maybe a Vincent Price film.

    I really thought The Host was entertaining.

    1. Damn, Vincent Price at 25-30 y.o. - I am amazed, and that's a great clip. And it looks like I have to find The Host.

      I have the Refreshments album with Banditos, the whole record is great, again, the Southwestern guitar rock thing, with abounding snark! I think they was broken by label stupidities... Pppbbbllffft.