Friday, April 13, 2012

I Love My Governor! I Know - Me? Being Positive?

MN Governor Mark Dayton can infuriate me. He ran from the center, easy to do as the MN Ind. Republicans ran a tea-stained lunatic. I gave some cash and voted for him, but my hopes were not high, basically thinking he would stop the worst abuses of the America, White or Wrong legislature he was given.

Know what? He has disappointed me on only one issue, and its not a small one. He is gung-ho to give the Minnesota Vikings a stadium complex, retractable roof, shopping complex, hotel, and site development. And then let the Vikings take all receipts from all these activities. The state's price tag is assumed to be $700M. If the Vikings get the site they actually desire, a former munitions plant about 3 miles from where I sit, the environmental cleanup, and there will be an extensive cleanup, could have the state bill easily double. The ground, groundwater, vegetation, even fucking bunny rabbits are absolutely toxic, to the point that my city water source is treated and subsidized by the Army Corps of Engineers. Zygi Wilf, the primary stakeholder of the Minnesota Vikings and as such the team owner, and a billionaire, could write a check and still afford mac-n-cheese. Screw him.

I had worries he would be afflicted with Obama Illusioninity Syndrome, acting as if the Independent Republicans can be counted on to be reasonable.


His latest Thing. Of. Beauty. is a veto of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) -written bill limiting corporate exposure on asbestos liability lawsuits. He's been on a tear against ALEC*, calling them out by name in a speech after vetoing "tort reform" bills. By tort reform, let's face it, they mean "I love the business climate of Somalia! Pity that there is something, just, ohhh, I don't know, you know, 'different' about the people there. Can't really put my finger on it..."

He vetoed a stand-your-ground type bill called the Castle Doctrine bill, which would have given those Minnesotans with an NRA membership and a 9mm penis the right to finally kill somebody with the slightest excuse. (I don't know what excuse they could come up with.) Plus, I got the added entertainment factor of facebookers completely losing their minds over this. (We have large funding, education, and infrastructure issues due to Tim "Pimp-hand" Pawlenty's expertise in playing one-dimensional chess, as in "Hope I can be done with governorating and be vice-president before anyone does the math! Oh, wait, if I kill education...", but their number one political focus is on 'my gun likes me, and that's all I need. And this lamp. My gun and my lamp. And my NRA embossed faux-pleather queeks-draw shoulder holster with a compass and ...'. Really?!?)

Minnesota Independently-Doing-Whatever-We're-Told-To-By-Americans-For-Prosperity Republicans have managed to put the Gay-Hate Amendment and a Voter ID amendment on the ballot for November. Although he would not have the opportunity to veto this nonsense, and the MN Supreme Court has allowed some incredibly stupid things to go through**, Dayton has commented frequently against the Bigot Bill, and is campaigning against the Voter ID bill (with the usual hypocritical claptrap from the esteemed colleagues across the aisle about how a governor stumping for a position that he supports is pooping in their cheerios a misuse of the office. Dumbasses.

I am so very pleased with my gov. We are very lucky to have him - after all, look at our neighbors (and my home-state, and I still do love it...) Wisconsin. Scott Walker is a rodent-molester. Mark Dayton is stand-up. Thank you, sir.

*Is everyone else seeing, with a song in their heart, apropo of nothing, that ALEC is slowly starting to bleed over their vigorous advocacy of the Skittles Are Dangerous law in Florida? W00t!!1!

**ie., the retroactively named Amy Senser law. Amy Senser is the wife of restauranteur and former Viking tight end Joe Senser, and she ran over and killed a man on the side of the road. I won't go into the specifics, as nothing has as of yet been proven, but her defense is that 'she did not know she had hit and killed someone'. And in MN, thank you Justices, this is a legal defense!!! Given that she has quite adequate legal representation, it is a distinct possibility she walks without even a moving violation. Yeah, justice is blind. [/snark]

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