Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In Which I Create A New Literary Genre

Thought I'd be able to keep up with things and get a posting or two out this week - I got ideas and everything, and they're good, and will be dated by Saturday and so I'll need new ideas! W00t!!1! My wife is headed overseas, so it's not like I'm gonna be a complete wreck or anything until I hear she is in the ground both there and back, but also much stuff needs to be stuff. And such.

So, until then, this is your headquarters for My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic fanfic.


Sparklepony was on point, her eyes darting back and forth, senses banjo-string tight. It didn't save her.

She whinnied a warning with her last breath, but the other little ponies had seen her drop out of sight and were holding position, looking into the trees...

(cue soundtrack...)

Later, Hookers!


  1. That's some good stuff, ended up youtube mining for the fellow's music.