Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Morning Radio Should Be Killed With Fire

Via TBogg and Addicting Info comes the story of another dumbass 'Morning Zoo' radio program:

in Cleveland, WMMS FM, 'Teh Buzzard'. You know, Home of the Rockingest Rock That Ever Rocked A Rock. 

This jockwannabe's sin against, well, everybody, at least for this day, was:

In response to an email from a father who suspected his daughter was gay after discovering her kissing another girl, DJ Dominic Deiter declared on the air that “You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight."

Lemmesee. You gotcher misogyny. Ummm-hmmm. Homophobia. Possible statutory rape, that's a double point square, ooo! Standard paternalistic bullshit, only standard score, fudge. Carry the F-R-A-T....BINGO!

He's a complete fucking douchebag!

Unfortunately, he ain't'ent the only one. Every burg of a certain size in the USA has as least one 'Morning Zoo'. There are two standard types - Home of the RRTERAR ("We have a request for Dethklok, but instead, here's Daughtry!"), or WE PLAY THE EAGLES. LOT'S OF EAGLES. AND BOB SEGER. AND. THE. EAGLES. CAN YOU FEEL THE POWER...

The Twin Cities has a Type 2, the Tom Bernard KQ Morning Show. Wealthy white Limbaugh wannabe broadcasting from his home in Florida, with a local sports reporter, engineer/"prankster", and an unbelievably verbally abused woman. Typical story lead? "A Tsunami killed 150,000 brown people in some country we won't bother to pronounce correctly, and they all had funny names!!! Hahahahaha!! And now, stupid boob-carrier with the weather.""Thanks Tom, sorry I have a vag. Its raining in Andover..." Makes me physically sick to listen to, but wouldn't you know it, most popular show in the Cities, and this rotten goddamn classic rock station is the soundtrack to every jobsite within listening range. Ugh.

Tangentially. Know who else is classic? Zappa. Love. Peter Gabriel-era Genesis. Butterfield Blues Band. Pick one of a thousand bands. Mix it up a little, you ass.

Very often, given my cultural background, I at least try to understand where the sociopathic right is coming from. I thought classic rock was the greatest thing ever, Smoke On The Water, Freedom Rock, Man!, growing up, in a smallish city, with diversity comparable to a cardboard box of Morton's Iodized Salt. But, I finished growing up. I've read, traveled, got my eyes opened to the fact that people are different, and my high-school rivalry with the Cross-Town High Rodent-Molesters don't mean shit. And I pray I've acquired a little empathy, I try to be a decent person, and I sleep okay. As such, this time, I can't understand.

I can't understand the appeal of these shows! 

Christ on a crutch, there's a thousand of these bastards, telling the same Obama/commie jokes, telling fathers to arrange their daughter's rape, fellating/crucifying the local sports scene, gleeful pranks such as interviewing homeless people and mercilessly berating them off the mike. What is the draw? Can we please lobotomize the lizard brain? Now?

I don't get it. After DJ Patrick Bateman up there said "get yer daughter raped", how did a mob, lead by the father in question, NOT tear down the station walls and superglue this jackass to a shipping container bound for the Bermuda Triangle? What is wrong with you listeners? Where's your damn humanity?


  1. I listen to this guy in the morning. He has a 15 year old daughter, so I imagine he'd be in the line to beat up the shock jock.

    For music, I usually listen to the local college radio station. To me, classic rock will always be Ledernacken.

  2. Good lord, Ledernacken. I cannae believe I have never heard of this, its, well, I, ooof, something.

    Imma see if I can stream WWRL one morning - I've heard Santos subbing for Thom Hartmann and I like him, I'll give Riley a shot!

  3. Our morning guy is Matt McNeil, I think he's great, and the Fratelli's bumper is a great, damn recognizable, song, lotta fun.