Friday, May 25, 2012

Throwing My Wife Out Of The Country Soundtrack

Sweetie is about to head overseas to spoil a new nephew. I wish I could go, but can't, so there. Our house is a staging area tonight for a bunch of folks going, with me playing chauffeur to the airport in the morning, so I have some cleaning-readiness type thingies to do.

I really am very excited for her, of course, and really do wish I could go, but it ain't'ent in the cards this time. I'll just have to wait for camping in the fall!

Meantime, some cleaning-readiness motivation...


  1. Just make sure that she brings back a bottle of booze from the trip!

    1. What do they have for booze in Germany? I don't even know...

      Beers, ja, wines (although I know NOTHING about wine),and some liqueurs, but is there a german version of whiskey?