Friday, February 15, 2013

New Linky-Dink

Please allow me to introduce:


A patriotic look at fundies, anti-fluoriders, conspiracists, right-wing-nut-job politicians; and not ignoring lefty idiots, our own conspiracists, anti-vaxxers (with a particularly sharp edge towards Huffpo and Oprah), homeopathic gurus, quantum wooists; and the unclassifiable, ie., teh Time Cube guy. 

Of course, given my fondness for Biggie, ET, beasties, ghoulies, and things what go bump in the night, I'd probably be a candidate. Eh, it's all good.

It's quite the rabbit hole, especially if you follow links to scienceblogs, freethoughtblogs (PZ Myers - yay!), and Rational Wiki.


  1. Another rabbithole - like TVTropes and Cracked weren't enough for me...