Monday, February 4, 2013

Want To Share A Couple Tunes

Just a few things that went through my ears today.

Guadalcanal Diary, 2x4 is a great album - Litany, Little Birds, Where Angels Fear To Tread...

This was part of a great scene in WKRP in Cincinati, scene now unavailable as it was taped due to music rights issues so I can't show Johnny Fever groovin' out... Caravan.

From Living With The Law, Chris Whitley. Conveniently about the time I was school for geology and Montana was (still is, Montana is close to heaven, I spent the next summer in Boulder MT for geology field camp, amazing).


  1. Music? Well, I've been on a kick of people who died young. Marley, Nilsson, and Piaf.

    But there's new music too! Eels, Adam Ant. Plus, new-to-me music, Cardigans live, Motorhead, Minutemen, and a big-shit reissue of Rumours.

    I'm not proud. SHUT UP.

    Also, I saw Murray Attaway on a solo show.

  2. I saw Murray Attaway open for Robyn Hitchcock. He's a great songwriter.

  3. big-shit reissue of Rumours.

    Iscool - I still like Fleetwood Mac, much excellent stuff. But, all cliches and Lebowskis aside, I hate the fucking Eagles. Not that they are bad, as such, but growing up, La Crosse had country and top 40 until I was 12, then got a classic rock station. And I ATE IT UP. And I heard the Eagles, specially California, to death. Don't know why they were the artist chosen to be played once an hour, but they was.

    (Except when one DJ,'Brucie Bumchuckles', blew a seal, and, apparently determined to get fired/committed, locked the studio door and played Bang The Drum All Day back to back to back for about 2 and a half hours.)