Thursday, February 28, 2013

An Historic Occasion

Oh, B-e-n-n-n-y.

Il Papa Benedict nee Ratzinger officially resigned today, pulled the plug, stuffed a potato in the exhaust pipe, put in his two weeks, took a curtain call, grabbed the gold Prada watch.

First Pope to resign since the era where the Pope was the dude in the pocket of the most kings. Lesson there, somewhere.

He pledged obedience to the next Il Papa (not hard since he appointed most of his likely successors). He will spend the rest of his days speaking to the best lawyers somewhat unlimited euro can buy lunching with Donatello Versace in prayerful contemplation.

B-e-n-n-n-n-y-y-y. We don't for-g-e-e-e-t. Looking forward to meeting you-u-u-u-u.

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