Friday, November 29, 2013

I Thank FSM For Dickweeds, Without Which My Postings Be Fewer

The Liberty Counsel, a frothingly anti-gay Xtian organization, has released a movie, Uncommon, starring former CHiP Erik Estrada (I was always partial to the other dude. No, the other dude).

Via Raw Story:

According to its page, “Uncommon” will depict students at fictional Rosewood High School as they work to create their own theater, music and dance departments after they are eliminated due to budget cuts.
“Struggling to find the right script, music and choreography the students get advice from an uncommon source: the Bible,” writes Daniel Bowden on IMDB.
Liberty Counsel sees within this a legal framework defending Xtian terrorism-er-prozelytization -

My terms a little harsh? Kids can pray all they like - any chance of a snow day would have me pleading with heaven by 3AM. It's when adults, authority figures, start trying to fuck with kid's heads, regardless of what the kids or parents think, that I go looking for pointy thingies.

- framework defending Xtian terrorism-er-prozelytization in the public schools.

Dear Liberty Counsel,

Hello! Fuck you!

  • Aren't all y'all the ones primarily pushing for those cuts in arts programs, and schools in general?
  • Aren't the kids in the arts programs all into the Glee and the Eurythmics and the other gay things?
  • Public schools? What happened to homeschooling, the greatest, Glee-est thing ever, because as we know Einstein went to public school and it took him years to figure out who he was related to?
Love, paleo


  1. could be worse.

    You could have Scott Walker for a governor:

    1. Jayzuz, that pic on Kos is horrendous - good job diarists!

  2. Read (if you get the chance)

    stolen from LGM. Really fascinating.

    1. yeah, I saw that. Pretty depressing to not only be losing to Minnesota and Illinois in football, but also politically.

      Oh, and much as it hurts to say, go Vikings. Kinda.

    2. Usually the best I can hope for there is mass arrests, but I really only need the Queens to win twice a year, the damnable Bears.