Monday, August 6, 2012

Every King Deserves A Throne

Life is nuts. We have started purchasing for our basement project - we can get some real savings with the local hardware-orama having an 11% off sale, and so we are running a shuttle bus for materials, and I have site acceptance testing this week for a big project, guaranteed to result in success, a desk job, and hot and cold running oral sex; or, an exit interview.

Wish me luck.

We did find the perfect accesory for our new bathroom.

Gotta start lobbying my sweetheart. This is gonna take joolery, flattery, and no more hot-and-cold-running-oral-sex jokes. Also, plotting and dessert wines.

I mean, just look at it. Perfection. Coffee cup/beer can holder, the ideal in conservation of effort. Same with the pull chain flush valve, lending, as well, the joie de vivre called for during one's morning ablutions; not to be forgotten, the authenticity of the original plumbing miracle, the drain trap, eliminating odors whilst providing the required pressure equalization needed to flush one's cares away. I suspect it does not have a wi-fi repeater, but that would be too much perfection and the universe would fail, to be replaced with something even more inexplicable.*

I'll post what I can over the next week, FSM knows the world is full of screwballs who require hugs and/or extreme mockery, I tend to lean more towards mockery, and in worst cases a beating about the head and neck. I'm a man with a mission; the proud possessor of a drinking horn and a mild messianic complex. Looken sie das out, babies.

*Dr. Douglas Adams.


  1. why would you put an instrument of the Spanish INquisition in your bathroom?

    Seriously, though, consider the overhead tank toilets. Saves a couple of inches in wall space, and the water head gives you GREAT flush pressure.

  2. Would an overhead toilet work in a 7'8" space (our basement was code - many years ago, but would be considered a little low nowadays.) Sweetums is not necessarily a fan, but we're gonna do what's right.

    It's got a built-in buttplug.
    Look, dude, I gotta know some important things first - primarily, angle of attack. If'n we gotta lower straight down, I need to do some physics.