Wednesday, August 29, 2012

That Was Quite The Opening Night

Jesus, that was too dumb to snark about.

To paraphrase Ann Romney: "Mitt wasn't given anything. He built it!"
Ummm, Annie, get offin' yer horsie for a bit and allow me to explain inheritances and trust funds and those stocks you and Mitt had to cash in to got to college - or did he buy those with his paper route? Oh, a few thousand, in 60's dollars, a year in birthday money?* The stocks appreciated approx 1600%? Well, poop, you poor baby, and having the both of you cut off from your parents and support system so that if you ran into trouble you'd be selling South American disco dust at Harvard Yard to pay for ramen. I so empathize with you, dear.

Look, Ms. Romney, you both came from wealth, and yeah, Windsock Willard worked hard and you became wealthier. Legally, if wildly immorally. Congratulations. Own it, please. If you are so much better than us, show us. Say 'hell yes, I fired those people. Made me a million-two. I da man!' Or STFU.

Janine Turner, from Northern Exposure, and some hick talk radio station. Disclaimer: I loved Northern X, no doubt Maggie was a sort of feminist role-model, smart and talented and knew her own head. Janine, ummm, remember, you got a good thing going with the Paula Deen look and the wingnut gravy. Push all those wonderful scenes out of your mind. Rush Limbaugh may be single soon.

Chris Christie: I did not see his 2016 pitch/keynote address live, but have watched some vid this morning. Pick your caricature, it's too easy. Honest to god, he has taken Vito Corleone as a role model.
But again, that's too easy. I'm thinking Mr. Toht from Raiders.
The attitude.

I haven't seen video, but just pictures. Was the Boehner sobbing on stage again?

It's only going to get dumber. Throwing peanuts at a black woman? Done. Maybe teh Onion is prescient?

Where in the hell is Peerless Leader, or teh Bionic Veep, or any members of his cabinet? I know Condi's there, but that's it. I thought he was ordained by spirits on high, just like St. Bachmann, St. Perry, St. Allan West, Ron Paul***. Good Lord, the dems will have Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Carter, Mondale, and such, and so on present, for better or worse. And I will say genuinely, and paraphrasing Dr. Thompson, Jimmy Carter is the last great human being to have held the presidency. Time will tell with Clinton or Obama, maybe Bush Sr., who actually seems human, for a conservative, albeit employing Lee Atwater. Zombie Reagan, Bush Dos, Nixon? Drinking in Hell with Atwater and Breitbart.

This is where I am severely annoyed. I want/need/desire a proper democrat in the office. Obama has not been dreadful, but he is and always has been a centrist. With our 'conservatives' having moved so far right that they have fallen off the edge of their flat earth, the 'center' today is uncomfortably nuts. Dammit.

*Make my Lego set seem kinda pathetic - dad?**
**Kidding, my parents were wonderful, they worked verrry hard to provide for us and raise us right, and we were never hurting. But a few thou a year for surviving? I'm atchally very glad I had my parents - George Romney was by all accounts a pretty good guy, but his kid is a damnable screwball.
***Whoops. That would be 'high spirits', aka Paultards


  1. The whole "we used an ironing board as a table" thing in Ann Romney's speech just didn't ring true at all. I'm the kind of slob who doesn't iron (hang the shirts up in the bathroom while you take a hot shower, people), but this doesn't sit right with me. Plus, one can usually get a table for free, especially in a college town.

  2. Who knows who has sat at that table though. Gentiles, or worse.

    That was quite the pantload. Like someone said, the young Romneys were playing at being poor, just an 'experience', and never faced a day of actual risk. Same point as Barbara Ehrenstein made when she wrote 'Nickeled and Dimed' - her experience was so damn tough, but she also knew she could pull the plug on the whole experiment.

    No different than the disney Jungle Cruise - oooh, look, an animatronic tiger!