Sunday, September 2, 2012

From Jan. 2001 - The Paleo Files

This is a short story I wrote in Jan 2001, a bit of a trip thingy (I had several I was proud of but have only found the one - dammit), when I thought I could maybe be a young Tom Wolfe, or Dr. Thompson. In retrospect, it was more like PJ O'Rourke before he went full lunatic. I'm still proud of it, some good stuff, but if I think I'm wordy now, holy dammit, I've come a long way...

There is a chance that there is some exaggeration.

No pics, hell, I wonder if I still have any. Tis a bit long, but I think, enjoyable.

Sorry about the formatting, I have to confess I was not enthusiastic about retyping the whole bloody thing so I got creative with a scanner and Paint and it only took twice as long to do as typing it would have been. Arrghh.

As always, I appreciates hints, notes, criticism positive and negative. Ta!

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