Sunday, September 30, 2012

Remodel Blogging Week 5

Oh, wait, wrong.


Sort of. Also. And such.

This week was MEP construction in the basement - commissioning of the new hi-pressure gas line, furnace and AC, installation of the water heater and venting, plumbing rough-in, exhaust fans, a couple miles of wiring, power/comm/cable/speaker. I took off the week to wire the basement in an excellent, craftsmanlike manner remind myself I ain't'ent 21 anymore, or 30, or hell, 40. As of this evening, all wirepulling is complete save one room of speakers, and before inspection (please FSM, this week) I have 8 or 9 hundred details to deal with, devices and fixtures to install, panel termination, a couple hundred nail plates.

We spent 4 days without a water heater, and to give the old water heater credit, through judicious use, we made a tank last 2 and a half days. But the 3rd night, when paleo REALLY needed a shower - ice. I have been in negotiations for my testicles to re-emerge, but they want certain guarantees, such as not doing that again.

We have also been sans laundry facilities for a couple weeks, and as last Thursday I determined that I picked the wrong career, should have gone into laundromats, and as it would be helpful to have a uniform tomorrow morning, I gimmicked the washer and dryer today. Provided my employer does not mind wood chips permanently embedded in my workshirt, I should be good.

Brief conversation with my boss Wednesday morning, opening pleasantry.
boss: "Hey, paleo, how's it going?"
paleo: "Oh, lot of bleeding, itching..."
Weird silence.
paleo:  "Ummm, I mean, working in the basement."
boss: "I figured. Well, hoped..."

Every day that goes by, as we can see more definition, we can visualize more, and make decisions. Good feeling!
Bath - EM signature that can be seen from space
Future office area
Stairwell - Still has the possibility of suckage
Final note. I've spoken before my need for music, and of teh Pandora app, and that while it has certainly found things for me that I needed to know, it does have a monkey occasionally beating the living hell out of everything in reach with a wrench. I have spent many hours for 7 days listening to every station I've created, and found a universal constant, the song that Pandora feels belongs in every playlist. Comedy. Classical. Christmas. Sociopathic guitar bullshit. Alt-rap (think Arrested Development.) Bagpipers. One. Song. Sweet Jeebus.

The fucking monkey is winning.


  1. Pinko Punko once forced us all to submit certain songs and lonked 'em into a HORRIBLE Pandora playlist. It was legendary. And painful.

  2. Ok, I'll bite.

    "Zombie, you put on 'The Night Chicago Died', Mikey, 'Christmas Shoes', someone else put on 'Down With O.P.P.' by some rap group I can't be arsed to look up, or I'll curse all your goldfish."

    Am I close? Can I haz linkster?

  3. You are pretty damn close. More Mekons and Rush.

    You do not know what you ask. But since I went out to see Bell X1 and then got drunk, I am not able to resist.


    It is ALIVE!!

    I am sure Pinko would love to hear about the pain you feel and any small animals it kills. And I will not accept any blame for your subsequent psychological trauma.