Friday, September 14, 2012

Once Again, Teh Patriotism, It...Something

Via Think Progress:

Romney immigration adviser and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is considering banning President Barack Obama from the ballot in his state this fall for a lack of sufficient proof that he was born in the United States. 
He and his colleagues on the Kansas’s Objections Board will decide Monday whether to accept the birther-based attempt to debilitate Obama’s re-election. The move was prompted by a Kansas resident’s written complaint that Obama may be lying about where he was born.
The Kansas resident, well-known gentleman farmer/dentist/real estate agent/mathematician/herbalist Morley Plates, could not be reached for comment, reported by family to be following

on his summer 2012 tour,
and "tripping balls on patriotism", in the words of his daughter-wife.

Mr. Kobach. Please allow me to make a short statement.
Hillary Clinton.
Nope, that's all. 
You want me to elaborate? K.
Hillary Clinton is a nice lady, very smart, not exactly my type of democrat, centrist really, but she is doing an amazing job at state. Now, in 2008, she wanted to be president. Very much so. Very ambitious. She fought hard. Even more so, one of her primary advisors, and at one time her campaign manager, was Mark Penn,
Mark Penn, 2007 File Photo
one of the few people living who could have given Karl Rove a run for the money in the "Satan's Lil'est Fluffer" competition. If their was any evidence, any hiccup, any missed paperwork, ANYFUCKINGTHING that would have disqualified President Obama from qualifying, they may have likely mentioned something. 
No cap'n, it's called logic. You can read about it. Drive about 300 miles north and buy a book.

Speaking of Secretary of State, I'm no fool, I'm quite aware that at the state level, the S.O.S. is a political, partisan position, serving at the pleasure of the state's Governor. But, typically, the S.O.S. is also a state's/commonwealth's chief elections officer, and that duty should be performed as non-partisanishly (don't judge me!) as possible. Is it time yet, or would I be shrill, to suggest that the Katherine Harrises, Kris Kobachs, Ken Blackwells of the world not be actually IN THE HIERARCHY of an election campaign?

(And by the way, particularly Ms. Harris, subtlety is your friend. In the end you were a touch too visibly criminal and so very visibly incompetent that the REPUBLICAN PARTY was forced to cut you loose. That's like Chuck Manson looking at Jeffrey Dahmer and saying "goddam dude, yer a screwball." Really lady, that is Fail Hall Of Fame level.)

Just for the record, Willard the Windsock, after successfully winning the Teabag vote by blaming the events in Libya, the murder of an American ambassador, on President Obama? 

Fuck you. Fuck you, Annie, teh horse, Tagg, Tarp, Widget, Slappy, Hondo, their wives, their other wives. You are a goddamn disgrace. Go back to Kolob, or Kobol, or Corpsegrinder, or whatever fucking planet you think you're a god on. We have serious work to do, you smirking sonuvabitch, you fail-sammich, leech bastard.

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