Monday, September 3, 2012

Republican Douchenozzle Of The Millenium

Contest is closed, we are as close to peak wingnut as we shall ever be.

Eric Cantor, Majority Leader.

Ummm, missed the point by that much.

Labor Day is about people, the workers who enable your little Randian dreams. The one day a year where maybe, just maybe, you could show the American worker the teensiest bit of respect.
But you can’t, can you, Mr. Cantor?

At the end of the day, when you’ve unstuck your lips from the genitalia of your puppeteers, do you ever look in the mirror?
Bet you can’t do that, either.


  1. Damn, they're not even trying to appeal to the clock-punchers anymore.

  2. I dunno, though, that's a VERY competitive category.

  3. B^4, this is a new one to me. They've basically made the correct noises, not 'union' as such but "yay working folk", "working three jobs is uniquely 'Merkin". This is a whole weird area, and horrifying that these hunjucks are even in the political conversation.

    ZRM, I stand by the voting tally. Not only the birth of a meme, but the absolute shattering of Poe's Law. Next - fuck gravity. Design me the Giza Pyramids, POINT DOWN.