Thursday, July 25, 2013


A Daily Banter writer and the writer of Deus Ex Malcontent, Chez Pazienza, posted on Daily Banter this morning that discussing the story of George Zimmerman saving a family from an SUV runs the risk of becoming a version of Truther, the "George Zimmerman SUV Truther", another form of conspiracy theorist.

I'll cop to being a conspiracy theorist. Hell, I believe in hundreds of off-kilter thingies. Not so much Tea-Bagger / 9-11 type conspiracies, but SkinWalker Ranch? Nazis in Bolivia? Mitt Romney as a Dero? Sure.

I got into a little debate, the people debating me probably not entirely in good faith [/snark], but I'm curious - am I off base here? Is my opinion clear here? Do I sound like a 'Bagger?

paleotectonics9 hours ago 

Mr. Pazienza,
Respectfully, given the stakes of the situation, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. If a legitimate third party (not the Sanford PD, incidentally) reports that this in fact happened, fine. Good for him. He is still a murderer, but golf claps. There is no independent verification so I have a very difficult time accepting this as a real event.
wahoosam  • 6 hours ago 
The problem with a conspiracy theory is that everything that disproves it becomes part of the conspiracy.
I agree that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. But a SUV turning over is not an extraordinary claim.
paleotectonics to wahoosam   • 5 hours ago 
The SUV turning over is not the extraordinary claim. Mr. Zimmerman's presence and actions are the extraordinary claim. Please read what I said. If this in fact happened (Zimmerman comes upon a burning crash scene and saves a family of 4), good for him. Yay. Does not change the fact that he's a murderer and should be watching Judge Judy inside Okeefenokee Penitentiary. But I won't believe that Zimmerman was Superman-o'-teh-day until an independent party backs up that story. And then I'll still think, yay. Good for him. And he's still a damn murderer.
Schneibster to paleotectonicsan hour ago 
Why are they an extraordinary claim? Zimmerman's trained to do exactly what he did.
Maybe you forgot.
paleotectonics to Schneibster5 minutes ago 
Let's try this one last damned time. I won't even address your 'trained' statement. Fine, he's watched an OSHA video.
Given the stakes, the fact that he needs an image makeover tout suite, this is very convenient.
Therefore, I request independent verification of the event.
If independent verification of the event can be produced (NOT Mark O'Mara, the Sanford PD, any Florida news station or politician, Rush Limbaugh, or any other party with an interest in the sanctification of Mr. Zimmerman), yippee. Slow clap. Congratulations. Still a murderer. Still should be in a penitentiary.
If independent verification cannot be produced, then I call bullshit. And he is still a murderer. Still should be in a penitentiary.



  1. you were clear. They were dim, and want to believe that Zimmermann the Child Killer is a Good Guy.

    He killed an innocent person, and he didn't need to. even if he DID perform a little highway Samaritanism, there's a fuck of a long way to go to retcon what he did.

    I hadn't even though to be particularly skeptical about the claim (way too busy bashing around a 'magick energy' Libertarian Loon at driftglass'), but I don't see why your doubts are any less defensible than their belief; and their inability to understand your argument certainly doesn't make me any MORE inclined to believe their argument. Arguments in bad faith make me get bitey.

    1. One dude just brought up that he believed WTC 7 was a fraud until he learned about it.


      Get me some independent documentation.

      Plus, WTC Truther is gonna ride my ass? Fuck off peanuthead.

  2. Zimmermann wasn't trained for anything, except to be a Great Racist Fuckball.

    But, dood; switch to caffeinated today, did we?

    1. "An' he says 'I like the cut of yer jib, baby!'
      An' I says I says 'That's good, 'cuz it's the ONLY ONE I GOT!!' A-A-A-HAHAHAHAHA!"

    2. And, isn't sanity really just a one-trick pony anyway? I mean all you get is one trick, rational thinking, but when you're good and crazy, oooh, oooh, oooh, the sky is the limit.

    3. Why am I here? Why does my mind have wings? Why do blue midgets hit me with fish?!

  3. We're sworn to protect The City, old friend. And we're just going to have to face it: that includes the sewers:

    Use it wisely. Remember, paleo, when evil is afoot, and you don't have any arms, you've gotta use your head. And when evil is ahead and you're behind, you've gotta do the legwork. But when you can't get a leg up, you gotta be hip. You gotta keep your chin up, and kick some-...

  4. I heard that Sasquatch saw the accident, and he sent a secret signal to the Alpha-Centaurian-implanted chip in Zimmerman's head to go help out. Georgie had been "trained" at a FEMA re-education camp (where else would you think the Alpha Centaurians implant the chips!), that's what the guy in your thread was referring to.


  5. So, he can't beat up a kid who's fifty pounds lighter than him, but 100 pounds later, he can pull a grown man out of an overturned vehicle? Right.

    Now, the whole thing reminds me of an old joke:

    "I mentored two African-American children, but do they call me George the mentor?
    I pulled a family out of an overturned vehicle, but do they call me George the family saver?
    But kill one kid!"

  6. Maybe it happened. Good for him. I'll ask for his autograph and say, I want to add this to my collection... ...of people who walked away clean from murdering a kid.

    But given the circumstances, and the fact that EVERYTHING on the planet is now on YouBoob from some cam-phone, I would just like some independent confirmation. S'all.