Thursday, July 18, 2013

Politicians And Morals - Can They Ever Make Common Ground?

A Canadian politician, Mike Allen from Alberta, was caught in a prostitution sting in St. Paul on July 15th.. The headline of the linked article, from the HuffPo, is not entirely clear*- the gentleman resigned from the governing coalition, not his seat.
*(I know, the the HuffPo? Misleading? The home of Jenny McCarthy and the Big Brain Radio Show misleading? I haz a shockeded look on meine face...)

My local morning drive show, The Grind w/ Matt McNeil, reported on it, and the guest and Mr. McNeil both talked about how sex scandals can ruin a career, using, as a key, both this and the electrical female stimulation pleasuredome sent to the woman on the planet most likely to be unaware of what female pleasure is, (or male pleasure, or pleasure in general, or any sensation not associated with having dropped enough acid to change the outcome of a world war), Michele 'No Wire Hangers' Bachmann. I disagree. To the paleophone!

I think only liberal politicians pay a price for a sex scandal. Republicans do not, at least not a real price.


  • Anthony Weiner (Dumb. Did not actually physically meet the poor woman. Resigned.)
  • Eliot Spitzer (Also dumb. The sex worker, well, let me state my opinion on sex work below. Forced resignation.)**
  • Bill Clinton (Ridiculously dumb. Consenting adults. Hillary may be allowed to cut off the Clenis, no one else's goddam business. Impeached, crippled 2nd term of presidency.)
  • Diaper David Vitter (Baby play. Hey, whatever gets you off, peachy. Barely even discussed in the DC Madam case. He is still in the Senate.)
  • Newt Gingrich (Made an intern's opinion on cheating and availability to marry him a question for employment interviewees. Has SundayPundit TV show, ran for president went on book tour.)
  • Mark Sanford, newly minted Representative for South Carolina (Hiked the Appalachian Trail all the way to Argentina on the taxpayers dime.) 
  • Guiliani (serial cheater) Limbaugh (pedophile) Nugent (pedophile) LoofahBill O'Loofah (In a cunning plan, made Andrea Mackris rich, consent, motherfucker, do you speak it!), etc. etc., still highly regarded members of the Wingnut Circus.
And yet, we are the heathenists. Why does the cognitive dissonance not leave splody wingnut headscapes? Hypocrisy, I Got Mine Fuck You, The President Is A Blah, Imma Be Raptured You Ain't'nt, any of these, all of these, or any combination.


**I don't have the slightest inkling of a smidge of a bit of a problem with sex workers, with a few basic crucial considerations:
  1. Full consent of the sex worker. There must be NO coercion. No UNDERAGE bullshit. (You touch a kid, I'll throw the switch myself.) The worker must get the full benefit of the sex work. In other words, pimps are evil.
  2. I'd like to see it legal and out in the open, so there is regulation, and the same civil protections afforded any other workplace.
  3. Safe sex. Safe sex safe sex safe sex. Included in regulation.


  1. Apparently, the American hypocrisy runs on and on and on. The Rethuglicans get away with it by being "sorry" and repentent. Ho Hum...right. It is like them saying they didn't inhale.

    I don't really give a good damn what their personal lives are like OR their sex lives as long as it is consensual and with adults; what I care about is whether they do the bloody JOB as their constituents want it done.

    1. +9. I don't care either, just comparing the net results of sexytime scandals.

    2. Republicans love themselves a redemption story... they represent the land of salvation and sin. I think the notion of being "born again" is the biggest cop-out on the planet, they think that they get a "clean slate" once they get all Jesusy.

    3. And born again. And again. And again.

      Chuck Colson was, and remained, an evil, evil bastard, but I think his Jesusy moment was as genuine as reasonably possible. And as a result, he got a handful of months in Club Fed and eventually returned as a political player.

      The lesson other republicans took from Colson is: repent, repeat, repent, repeat ad infinitum.

  2. only one comment in a post that includes sex? The internargles are broken.

    1. I slowly pulled out my turgid, ten paragraph blog. "Don't tease the blogger, baby."

      She giggled and opened another boxed chablis...

  3. . Impeached, crippled 2nd term of presidency.

    He still managed to deregulate Wall Street, though.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thundarr was referring to me referring to teh Clenis...

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