Friday, July 19, 2013

I Want To Elaborate A Touch On Sex Workers And Right Wing Hypocrisy

In my previous post about politicians and morality, I made a blanket statement that hypocrisy is a prime motivator of the right wing. They live for hypocrisy, practice it in every day activities. It's why a sex scandal that ruins the heathenistic (love that word - I'm taking credit goddammit!) barely affects the good ol' boy member of the Rotary Club/Southern Baptists/White Citizens Council. 

I mentioned, in a couple of the scandals used for illustration of my position, the involvement of sex workers. To repeat my thoughts on sex workers,
**I don't have the slightest inkling of a smidge of a bit of a problem with sex workers, with a few basic crucial considerations:
  1. Full consent of the sex worker. There must be NO coercion. No UNDERAGE bullshit. (You touch a kid, I'll throw the switch myself.) The worker must get the full benefit of the sex work. In other words, pimps are evil.
  2. I'd like to see it legal and out in the open, so there is regulation, and the same civil protections afforded any other workplace.
  3. Safe sex. Safe sex safe sex safe sex. Included in regulation.
I want to add to that. 
The True Wingnut Believes:

  • All men deserve all vaginas, and all vaginas belong to, and must be provided by request, to every man
  • No woman controls any vagina
  • Any specific woman's vagina belongs to only one man. If teh vagina has spent time in the company of a second man, aforesaid woman bearing the vagina is a slut
These points all lead to the republican position on sex work.
The True Wingnut Believes:

  • Sex is a right, and owed to a man due to the fact that he is a man. All ur vagina belong to us
  • Pay for sex? Pay a woman for access to vagina? Scoff! Harrumph!
  • I need those notches on my belt or I am gay. From teh vagina belonging to my woman, hence my vagina, and all other vaginas which are also mine. But my woman must be pure, owned by her daddy before me (SQUICK - purity balls aaaiiggghhhh!), and appropriately grateful I pay her any attention or beat her when she needs it
Lastly, The True Wingnut Believes:

  • None of this matters if you don't get caught

No, none of the above makes the slightest bit of sense. Not a sausage. And I think I've got it 100% right! Am I on the correct track? 


  1. Am I on the correct track?

    Pretty much, except I might add:

    "Just because the thought of my wife's vagina makes me feel sick, I constantly long for a hard throbbing cock up my ass, and pay for said cock as often as possible, I'm totally not gay. Gays are evil."

  2. So now you're just straight up angling for the Goofle hits, are you?

    On another comment thread, Nugent came up, and I mentioned his underage 'bride', where he paid her parents to allow here to become her legal guardian, since she was too young to marry. One single episode delineating the whole 'rightwingnut-authoritarian-power idiot-women are chattel' axis in one simple, easy to barf about, example.

    Or shit your pants about, if you want to be artsy about it.

    1. Nugent is a FUCKING PEDOPHILE. THAT IS ALL. You are being too polite, he is a goddamn criminal and in a just society would be locked up for life just on the pedophilia charges.

      And yes, my intention is for my blog to take the world by storm, double or even triple my hits, from such internet luminaries as hugewanker69, ilikeboobs, and Jonah Goldberg, and then rule the world.

  3. I guess my point, such as it is, is that the right's obsession with sex work doesn't have a damn thing to do with morality, and is solely about control, the fear that somewhere a woman is having fun without their permission. Add in misogyny, and it becomes that somewhere there is a woman doing anything at all without their permission.