Friday, November 29, 2013

I'm Coming Out

My dear, dear, internet friends, I can't live this facade any longer. I have very much to tell you something, and please listen, even if it is hard to fathom...

I'm, ummm... a Finnie.

I've known since I was little, and had a goldfish, and we understood each other, even as I did not understand myself, what I was, and even as he (she? I was young) tried to lead me through the early stages of finding myself, finding my fin-sona, finding my school.

I am Aragorn, a black crappie. My name in the language of my tribe means 'wettest among the swimmers'.

My wife is processing. She understands now why I needed the boat, why she keeps finding scales in the blankets, why Jeremy Wade is my sworn enemy, why I get so distracted in bait shops.

Please try to realize that I am me, and reality is what is.

Ia, Ia fthagn, may your minnows be hookless.


  1. I would be careful. There has been a fish in the bloggerhood before, and it didn't turn out well.

  2. Fish and neighbors smell after 3 days.

    Yeah I know the actual sentiment involves visiting relatives. Get off mah lawn.