Friday, November 22, 2013

Morning Has Broken, I May Have Used A Hammer

Walkies for Jackson at Stupid:00AM. Oh well, he needs to explore and run around and whirl me like a dervish.

(Traffic on teh road is confuzzled. Large german person wearing a road vest, headlamp, otherwise all in black 'cuz it's how I roll. Black dog, with an LED that changes colors on his collar, the better to find the lil' punk at night. Both spinning like a cheap discoball.)

Route is taking us past a cemetery. Lots of grass along the road and outside the fence for upon which he may poop. But, he doesn't like that side of the road. Not necessarily avoiding the dead files cabinet, but definitely not interested in walking there. Hmm.

Now, I'm a reasonable man, MacArthur. So I know this isn't...*

Oh wait. I'm a weirdo. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT'S GOING ON!!!!


Per my Sweetie: Cliff, Bobo, Lesbo, Creepo



  1. Dog o'clock comes pretty early.'re in Minnesota. The snow ALWAYS sticks.

    But, he doesn't like that side of the road


  2. Bigfoot in the cemetery, and not ghosts? I am confoozled!

  3. DID YOU SEE DOTD??!?!??!

    All those Doctors! Woot!1!!!!!

    Imma watch it again if the Packer game goes badly enough.

    1. Today after the game, unless it sucks, which is kinda likely. Spoilers earn death.

    2. without any spoilers, some simply awesome guest appearances.

  4. hey. as long as you have that hammer, you want to smash Dom Capers? Is it just me, or is his basic senility being concealed up till now by an overwhelming offense?

    1. Holes I could get a hundred yards through? Yes, I believe Capers has outlived his usefulness. Nice comeback to get us there, but not being able to pull the trigger on the 2 in OT is not a great thing. Rodgers covers for so, so many flaws, play action gets Lacy a fuckuva lot more yards for less abuse.

      Just finished DOTD - I am very happy. Coupla questions - were we seeing the War Doctor's regen into Nine? And I thought this was supposed to be the end of Eleven and was expecting to finish with Twelve-Capaldi? Lot of great little bits, and all the Doctor's hands on the big red button I think calls back to Fires of Pompeii.

      How you doin'?

    2. y'see, I don't understand the decision to go for 2. if they had kicked the single point, the game would have been 23-14, and the touchdown with the field goal would have won the game.

      What did they gain by going with 2? they still would have needed ANOTHER field goal WITH 2 point conversion to tie, and who the fuck besides Bart Starr plays for a tie?

    3. Forrest Gregg. Bret Bielema. Other people bound and determined to give me an ulcer.

      The TV idiots were talking 'gotta go for the 2 pt conversion, make it a two score game'.

      Yeah, by making 2 two-point conversions. That don't happen a whole helluva lot. Take the EP.

    4. RIGHT? If we had been coaching, that game wouldn't have wound up in OT, let alone a tie.

      TV idiots. At least I broke it up by taking The Orange Fart to the dog park, so I got to listen to Wayne and Larry for a bit. I got there just as the half was ending, and it was funny to see the cars all showing up about ten minutes later.

    5. Tie beats a loss, but in the droopy ass NFC North, I'd prefer a honest effort for the win.

      And I know Toby Gerhart could start for any number of teams, but holy hannah, could someone use a little more than their forearms to tackle? Sumbitch ripped us apart.

  5. I am not sure just where War Doc falls in the succession. It makes sense to be before Nine, I guess.

    There's still a Christmas ep to go before Capaldi gets rolling, right? I thought I read something along the way that kind of hinted that that might be where old Clever Boy has his last fish finger with custard.

    my favorite parts (among many): "nice scarf", the fez trick, John Hurt (born to play ONE of the Doctors), the Conscience coming back as Bad Wolf (and do we think THAT might resurface?), The Rawls solution to the negotiation, the 10/11 synchronized sitting, crossing legs/folding arms shtick, the Randy Queen, the "timey wimey" dodge, of course everything involving the Impossible Girl...

    And of course, the reclamation of the Doctor's soul. I had always gotten the impression that he had destroyed Gallifrey in a fight with them, but seeing that it was a 'destroying the village in order to save it" situation makes it even more foul; unnecessary and tragic. I like the way the story arcs through 9, 10, and 11 now make sense as a Timelord processing that kind of agony.

    But I hope the salvation of Gallifrey doesn't erase the tragic essence of the character. I would think it was also what made him such a bozo.

    And what of River Song?

    1. I also forgot to mention, the b&w beginning, and the cameo by Tom Baker as the Curator.

      sigh. Well, I am working tonight, so I might just set off another run through the Netflix Doctor Files....

    2. First thing, copy that first post, paste to FYWP, and call it a post - brilliant. Now, to mock you mercilessly. Or, not so much.

      I thought it was established that Nine came right out of the Time Wars, I think he even said so (may have to go to the archives myself)(Eccleston, why were you not there? Yes, I know other obligations, but I give him pounds of credit for establishing the re-boot, with someone else it may not have taken off).

      Christmas ep. You are right, that's where they did Ten to Eleven, perfectly good time (probably be a 75min episode) to do the Twelve regen.

      John Hurt was absolutely brilliant. Tom Baker cuisinarted the scenery - and I love the guy. The synchronized sitting, yes. The two Osgoods sharing the inhaler. Ten putting on the fez. "The horse was the Zygon! Do you know what that means? Gonna need a new horse!" When Ten is being snogged by the Queen, War Doc asking "does this happen a lot now?"

      I have quibbles with the saving of Gallifrey - fixed point and all that, and the actual solution, freeze time, pocket universe, Time Lord art, was a bit of an asspull But 13 Tardises and the snarky Time Lord general made up for it.

    3. Tom Baker cuisinarted the scenery -

      That is, of course, what he does.

      I agree, I think the saving of Gallifrey is going to be kind of a dead end in the next couple of story arcs.

      Also, Ten giving a stern warning to the rabbit.

      "What are you going to do, build a cabinet at them?"

      "The round bits! I love the round bits!" "So do I. Do you know what the are?" "No idea."

      I also thought there were a couple of clear Monty Python bits, but may have to watch it again to be sure.

      All told, it was basically a Fan ep.

    4. "All told, it was basically a Fan ep."

      Yeah, but I'm a fan. Same with the last 10 mins of 'The End Of Time'. I'm pleased.

    5. "I'M THE ONCOMING STORM and you're just basically a rabbit, aren't you..."

      If that is not already on CafePress or ThinkGeek I'll be surprised, and Imma own it by Xmas.

    6. I will buy that t-shirt, and if necessary produce it myself.

  6. link to io9, who's got a terrific gif of the sitting bit:

  7. Another bit: the Moment, the weapon with a conscience, reminds me of the guy in Dark Star arguing existentialism and nihilism with Bomb.

    1. The elevators in the Hitchhiker's Guide.

    2. the elevators, though, weren't technically weapons.

  8. quote from "The Doctor Dances":

    "Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once! EVERYBODY LIVES!"

    Now (seeing the War Doctor and DOTD) makes me kind of cry.

    Kind of. Not really, cuz he-man zombies don't cry about stupid TV shows. Just kind of.

    Everybody lives, paleo. Just this once.

    1. God, that is a great scene, actually, Empty Child/Doc Dances is a wonderful arc!

      The look on the War Doc's face when they came up with the time pocket solution (and John Hurt is an awesome, incredible actor, and the WD hits every note), jeez, if yer not grinning yer not human.