Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Soul Is Trying To Strangle Me - Must Defend Martin Bashir. And Yell At The Dumbass.

... obviously, I'm not a fan. But.

Human Genome Project outlier Sarah "I was governor for a whole half-term and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" Palin

dispensed a bit of wisdom teh other day, something along the lines of (and I paraphrase):

"the Obamacare death panels have already killed many free Americans who love their being part of this great God-given us the so many ways to worship Jesus, all the ways and churches that love this country, real Americans, not the elites who want to tell us, with debt and sending people to the wrong doctor and giving out mammograms to men with abortions and free birth control, Obamaphones and videogames, and it's just like the democrat institute of slavery"

Mr. Bashir then related the story of one practice of slavery, called 'Darby's Dose', involving defecation and urination into a slave's mouth.

Sarah Palin has compared trying to get people access to health care, and the application of classical Keynesian econ, which has, historically, usually been successful, sort of, but not quite, similar to the way that austerity has always failed, to slavery. It is perfectly reasonable, since she is such a victim of slavery, to give her the full monty. Also, she's a twat, but that is merely an identifying characteristic and not directly related to the Bashir issue.

Now, Bashir has gone on an apology tour. (I have mentioned I'm not a fan.) 

Dear Marty, 
You were right. Shut up. 
Love, paleo

Also, today on the radio, Hannity, skipping a little thing called context, accused Bashir of having a fecal obsession. 

Dear Sean, 
Darby's Dose was an invention of the Confederacy. You know, the people you laud as true patriots. The Rebs. Treason In Defense Of Slavery. 
Hell, I'll even do you the honor of not accusing you of being a genocidal maniac. I suspect you'd be happy owning slaves of any color.
May your appendix get ambitious, rip it's way out of your chest cavity, throttle you very slowly watching the pure light of fascism choke out in your eyes, and be declared Most Heroic Amongst The Peoples.  
Love, paleo