Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jumping, Well, Hopping, Well, Maybe Vaguely Moving Up And Down For Joy!

In the middle of a stupid work week, but...

paleo (and paleobrother) have tickets for Rush at Xcel Centre (May 12)!!

paleo (and Sweetie) have tickets for Weird Al at Mystic Casino (July 3)!!

Sweetie says I owe her



  1. I heard they were going to play nothing but "Roll The Bones" for two hours, with an extended rapping section....

    1. And the rap is by a certain fellow canadian.

      You can't buzzkill me, dude, Thurs was a good morning!

      (I will end up shopping at Aldi/Big Lots for a month to pay for this...)

  2. We've seen weird Al a number of times. I had third row tix at the Riverside, but gave mine to Young Zombie so I could see Trampled by Turtles the same night.

    One year, he was scheduled to play Summeriest, and we were kind of camped out to see him, when an APOCALYPTIC thunderstorm came through. The closed every stage but the one we were at, because it was kind of nestled under the 794 freeway spur, so was less lightning-happy. When Al hit the stage, he called out "Milwaukee! You're fucking CRAZY! Why are you here?"

    Enjoy it.

  3. This will be my fourth time seeing Al. Always a good show, but DO NOT PLAY PHANTOM MENACE (THE SAGA BEGINS) I DISLIKE IT.