Thursday, January 22, 2015

You Can Choose A Ready Guide In Some Celestial Voice

Ok, so I find out today that this is happening. (By the way, goddammit.)

In St. Paul, the Xcel Center on May 12.

Presales start tomorrow AM and involve hoops of jumping, but Imma suspect that tickets for general distribution might be a challenge and possibly 10% shy of ridiculous. Especially on TicketBastards (Suck).

So, I must now contact friends and learn how to use a computer. Also possibly rob a bank, but that is an undesirable last resort...


  1. Yeah, rub it in. They're not even coming through Milwaukee...

    1. Oh, me bucko, wanting to go and getting to go are two wildly different things - I at the moment have no clue how to pull this off, and far too much stupid this weekend to find much time to do it.

  2. They say it's going to be the last time they do a big tour.

    Also, expect the haters to show up in the comments any time now....