Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blinders On High!

I refuse to make a link to these screwballs. From Minnesotans United Against Any-Sexual-Activity-Not-Endorsed-By-Barbara-Bush*:

Marriage Minute: The Slippery Slope When Marriage Is Redefined
Same-sex marriage activists would like everyone to believe marriage can be redefined with no impact on society. This is not true. Traditional marriage would not exist alongside same-sex “marriage.” The new genderless “marriage” would replace our current definition. Redefining marriage puts us on a slippery slope of change, much of it fueled by the demands of same-sex marriage activists.

Redefining marriage. By FSM, that makes so much sense! I've been on the wrong side all along!

  • Biblically - if a man dies, his brother must marry his widow! If Sarai can't have children, rape Hagar! And per St. Paul, you chicks, shut it!
  • Legislatively - that whole Loving vs Virginia? Poor miscegenating peckernecks, messing with teh natural order of things - White Protestant land-owners, their carefully cultivated and debutted white women, tobacco farmers, random pieces of green paper, everyone else.
  • Culturally - Purity Balls and Rings! (Fair warning, following this link may cause brain damage that bleach and prefrontal lobotomies, or this bottle in front of me, can't reach. It's been around for a bit, but still creeps me out mightily, just sick!)

Look, you dumb bastards, that is a complete bullshit statement, 'definition of marriage'. Marriage today is wildly different from just 50 years ago, and unrecognizable from 100 years ago. You horrible, rotten jackasses - you know damn well that this is not about the 'definition of marriage', it is about your fear that if it becomes legal, YOU will immediately be overcome with the desire to present ass. For that matter, the forced birth people don't give a shit about the babbies - note their constant shrieking pleas to give mothers pre-natal care, and then properly fund education? Neither did I. It is about their fears, and their need to follow, and their desire to control people. Hell, the x-tians don't even really give a damn about Islam, they admire the moslem strawman they've built. Veils, stonings - Jerry Falwell is masturbating in hell. But it's those funny names, too many syllables, not something strong, like Dick, or Strom.

Damn, these pricks make me want to puke! I gotta get off that mailing list before I have an aneurysm. Any Minnesotans reading this please contribute and then Vote No, and sip on the salty tears of teh morons. Non-Minnesotans? Please contribute and rail on any MN family you have.

I am sick to my soul... {/rant}

*They don't know how much wiggle room that actually gives them - Babsie was teh O.D., the Original Dominatrix**.

**Brain Bleach is on me! Please redeem your coupons at Dr. Paleo's Pre-Frontal Lobotomies For Less! Now with two locations! Or at least, paleo seeing double! S'okay, ya got two lobes! 


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    *They don't know how much wiggle room that actually gives them - Babsie was teh O.D., the Original Dominatrix**.

    Didn't know that- Babs got some airplay on alternative radio back in the day.

  2. Site looks weird

    Yeah, I know, not sure what the hell I did to it to cause it, but I couldn't fix it at the time, I beat my head against it for about 45 minutes, gave up and posted. Hopefully won't return when I return to regular posting (tomorrow, woot! Much to say, incl. a remodel update, but I get to slow down for a couple weeks and the world is a fascinatingly annoying place).

    got some airplay on alternative radio

    Sweet god, ummm, wow. 80's MTV, people wonder why we took drugs - had to understand the vids.

    My trump card.