Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Few Odd Ends

Minds out of the gutter, bitches. I'm aaallllll about teh morals.

Just a few things accumulated that did not really fit anywhere.

Dear Texas, (Oh, and how many of those 117,000 secession signatures, at last count, are from "motherdaughterauntgrannielovingpatriot, Lubbock by-God Texas" ?)

Love, democracy

Back from Halloween, my sis-in-law's SO is a big Wonder Woman fan, so much that my SIL got a Wonder Woman act for her birthday (and I f'in missed it, work, buggrit...) So, for Halloween, their puppy became

Also, I need a dog. Preferably now. Still ain't'nt quite ready, but soon.....

It is imperative that I find someone worthy of this.

One problem, it's a touch spendy for what is, in effect, a somewhat-more-useful-than-usual gag gift. P'raps my dad? No, he's fairly straight-laced, actually, loosening up a tad in retirement, but this might be a touch too far, not that he'd get mad, but he'd be embarrased, don't want to do that to him. My Sweetie already threatens to get him Viking stuff every Christmas - that would cause serious madface. My father -in-law would get the joke and have fun with it, except that it would quickly disappear into his mighty Wall-Of-Camping-Totes as the coolest camping accessory ever, which is fine, but he'd take some of the fun out of it. Serious camper, that dude.


  1. Heh. "Checking out your shorts". Never thought about it before today.

    I have a mildly flatulent orange dog you can have.

  2. I is a master of teh subtlety.

    Define mildly - a diet of Kibbles-n-Branez gotta be rough on the old GI tract.